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Friday, 20 May 2011

BBC Celebrates and Promotes the Ethnic Cleansing of White British in South London

BBC Celebrates and Promotes the Ethnic Cleansing of White Britons in South London
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By Chris Barnett –

Proof that this war isn't about diversity and cultures getting along, but the ethnic cleansing of the White British from our own towns and cities.

From the BBC website: "Each Saturday, a group [sic] ethnically diverse boys meet in a south London park for football practice. Despite their cultural differences, the universal appeal of football helps unite the boys - as they learn about sportsmanship, fair play and discipline."

There's no doubt that the British-invented sport of Football has united cultures all around the world.

Grown White British adults who played on that Park in their childhood, would be shocked to see this BBC webpage: I know because I'm one of them.

Clearly not one White British schoolchild is in the slide show, and this is something that is so much worth celebrating, in comes the BBC to promote it on their website. You may also notice, that so fast is the ethnic cleansing of White British people in London, you'll hear not one cockney accent on the audio slide show.

Well, I suppose we can't knock our friends in the BBC too much. They are, after all, helping us highlight the scandal of the ethnic cleansing of the White British from our cities.

Furthermore, no one in our party would begrudge kids from having fun with football because they aren't White British, and we wish the best of luck to them and their coach.

Years beforehand, I can remember back to 1976, that record-breaking hot summer, in that same Park, there used to be a lido where people of all cultures would use the thing. Mr Men lollipops all around and everyone was getting on. No po-faced government officials telling us how to be "ethnically aware".

We all knew that "diversity" for the sake of "diversity" was going to spell trouble.

It is shocking and quite telling, the hypocrisy of those that say a "diverse" environment is superior to a White British one, exasperated by the deafening silence from them when that "diversity" they speak of no longer includes White British people.

They say that we are racist because we want a White British Britain, yet here it is, the future they want for Britain, with no British Whites, promoted and celebrated with your licence fees.

ONLY the British National Party opposes the White British ethnic cleansing of our society supported by the LibLabCon alliance.
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