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Friday, 6 May 2011

Bolton Local Election 2011 Analysis Sorry ! Peoples Boltonstani Islamic Soviet Triumph

So the Marxist, sorry! Labour Party have gained full dictatorship powers, sorry! Majority on the Bolton Local council, sorry! Now soon to be called the Selected Boltonstani Peoples Islamic Soviet.
Well what will that soon mean for the sheepeople of Horwich who went to the polls believing they were voting for the labour party of 40 years ago?  And that in some way they thought they were teaching the Conservative Liberal Government a lesson.
For one thing it will mean that the colonisation and replacement of its indigenous population of Horwich that has already begun will begin in earnest, in order to secure future labour victories and to suit the purposes of their majority Asian members and backers, whom these Marxist fools believe really back their view of society!
And that any one especially those who live in a Bolton at Home tenancy  and whom wishes to oppose the colonisation, or any other marxist project could be considered thought crime and could be evicted by the terms of the new tenancy agreement article 6.4 , that allows the local Housing officers Sorry! Soon to be called political Apparatchiks, to be accuser! Judge and Jury! On spurious alleged racist incidents or in reality thought crimes!
And if you are not a Boltonstani peoples republic tenant you will find the trade Union funded 3rd party groups such as searchlight hacking your computer and putting false messages on your facebook pages then presenting such pages to the Local Boltonstani Evening Newski, and forming spurious residents groups to spread deception about you to your neighbours and employers.
In reality the election of any labour elected representative to any political office means a death sentence to your culture your Christian Heritage and faith in our view ourselves as a people LITERALY! just look at the cases were Muslim grooming of young white girls for sex by getting them addicted to drugs, do you think these Marxists will do anything to defend your children, or from other sexual perversions NO! They do not want to upset their policy of community cohesion, which by the way only exists in their perverse minds! Or the promotion of the cult of the sodomite!
For they are not they labour of 40 years ago, nor are you sending a message of protest to the government, you are voting for a anti British racist ideology who’s only ideal is to supplant our way of life and create a Stalinist nightmare society , were the morality of the nation is set by them for their political purposes. That in turn is doomed to failure only to be replaced by an Islamic state, for as it say in the Bible in the Book of Romans , “ They thought themselves so wise they became fools”! In effect they cannot see the viper held to their chest!
For heavens sake people wake up! Your future and the future and freedoms of your children and grandchildren are in jeopardy!