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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Revaluating the Voting Franchise

Revaluating the Franchise

By The Horwich Nationalist 
What with all the drivel spouted over the referendum on the question of the AV voting system between the traitorous Marxist elites of Britain, and whether it should have been a fully proportional system or not.
Perhaps the real question should be not the voting system but the franchise itself?

What! Eh! I hear you say, and why are their no pictures to explain what you mean from the Labour voters trying to understand this!
Well I will try, for me the system of just allowing any adult to vote in the so called democratic system is to me just a recipe for the disaster we now see inflicted upon our once great nation.

For in a universal franchise the envious mob can be more easily exploited by those who seek only power to suit their own perverse and selfish ways, by appealing to the baser politics of envy that they knew would appeal to the flawed Human character, as seen in the rise of the Socialist Labour Party in the early 20th century after the universal franchise came into being.

As it allowed those either unwilling in many ways to educate or better themselves to vote and have a say in the National interests, an interest that they had no real understanding of or interest in only the interest of self and personal  gratification. This in it’s self allowed those intent on destroying this nation both financially and culturally to appeal and manipulate the new universal franchisees. Into allowing the gradual erosion of influence and power in the political sphere of those persons whose cultural and economic interests were dependant welfare of the nation and who's power was broken through through the burden of taxation by the myth that is was for wealth distribution? I could site many other reasons of why the universal franchise will and can never work.
But I would rather suggest an alternative to it. And that would be that the case for a single vote per head of a contributing household to the national welfare.

For example only one vote would be allowed the nominated head of the household
1, it can be either male or female in the case of single parents, (so we can get the feminists accusations out of the way.)
2, which has at least one British born Citizen Adult in 12 months tax contributing full time work or on a practical valid educationional course, or is retired with at least 5 years British tax contributions or are registered disabled.
3 had been a tax non British born contributing Citizen for at least unbroken 10 years. (Gets the anti immigrant claims out of the way.)

With this system those who had a vested interest in the welfare of the Nation and their own circumstances together would only be allowed to vote. It also would make families more politically aware by making them consider whom they voted for and what the vote cast on behalf of them all in the household would really mean, in effect the electorate would become more responsible for their own actions in considering why and whom they elect,!