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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Asylum Seeker Costs Soar at Home and Abroad

British taxpayers have had to pay out £1.2 billion in the last three years to house and support “asylum seekers”, a figure that accounts for just part of the yearly asylum swindle.
The released figures show that, in the past three years, the UK Border Agency has wasted nearly £400 million of taxpayers’ money on housing for those claiming asylum.
The Agency also provided a further £192 million in cash support for asylum seekers in that time period. Another £407 million was spent providing care for unaccompanied refugee children.
The figures do not include the cost of how much is spent on deporting – or failing to deport – those judged to be bogus asylum seekers.
The total cost of the asylum system has been calculated by Migration Watch at £2 billion a year.
The spending was criticized by the TaxPayers’ Alliance. A spokesman said: “It’s staggering that over a few years there’s a billion pound price tag for housing and supporting asylum seekers. There will be costs but this is a very big bill for taxpayers.”
The bulk of the money is spent on building council and social housing for so-called asylum seekers, most of whom have crossed several internationally recognized safe countries to reach the benefits paradise of Britain.
The soaring cost of asylum is not just restricted to Britain, of course, but is mirrored across the Western world.
It was announced earlier in May that Australia’s predicted asylum bill for illegal immigrants arriving by boats has quadrupled this year to over one billion Australian dollars (£691 million). The biggest expense for the country this coming year will be an estimated £462 million on detention and related costs.
Incredibly, part of the Australian government’s “solution” to its worsening immigration problem is to pay £191 million to import yet more refugees.
The so-called Malaysia Solution, championed by prime minister and Labor Party leader Julia Gillard, will see Australia send “up to” 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in return for receiving a further 4,000 people judged to be “genuine refugees”.
Australia has gullibly gifted Malaysia with £50 million over the next four years to accept the handful of immigrants, which will run Australian taxpayers £62,000 per deportee if all 800 are sent, which is believed to be extremely unlikely.
Only the British National Party will bring an end to the invasion of our country. The British National Party argues that asylum seekers have the right of refuge in the first safe country bordering the one they flee, and do not have the right to cross any safe countries to reach Britain.
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