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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Arrested and Tortured by Police for Telling the Truth About Labour Party Perverts

Arrested for Telling the Truth
News Team

Two British National Party activists were arrested in Liverpool last month for distributing leaflets that disclose information of 25 Labour party paedophiles. The treatment of the activists by police while in custody is now subject to an investigation.

Peter Tierney and Andrew Tierney were arrested on 30 April for distributing Labour 25 leaflets, which detail the names of 25 convicted councillors, activists and mayors of the Labour party for paedophilic offences such as child rape.

While in custody, Peter Tierney said that he was subjected to violent abuse by police officers, who bruised his ribs and stamped on his jaw after he refused to have his fingerprints taken.

Speaking about the contents of the leaflet, Mr Tierney said: “This is all fact. When we were taken into the police station, we actually begged them to get us into court so we could bring all this evidence to court.”

Nick Griffin, who met with Mr Tierney regarding the incident before the North-West Way Forward meeting on Thursday, said of details on the Labour 25 leaflet:

“They’re all genuine. They’re all proven. They’re all convicted. There’s a serious degree of sympathy for paedophilia within not just the Labour party but within the entire political establishment, hence, for instance, in which they lowered the age of consent to sixteen. One day it’s paedophilia – they change the law – it’s no longer paedophilia.”

When asked about Mr Tierney’s treatment by police, Mr Griffin commented: “It’s a symptom of how out of control the police force and judiciary is. The police are making it up as they go along, and this is something that has to be opposed and exposed.”

The below videos feature the interview with Mr Tierney and the activism on 30 April for which he and his brother were arrested.

More information about the Labour 25 campaign can be found on its blog,

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