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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Force Pro multicultural MEPs Live in the “Enriched” Part of Brussels, Says Nick Griffin

Make MEPs Live in the “Enriched” Part of Brussels, Says Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin MEP has called on his pro-multicultural peers in the European Parliament to practise what they preach and move their operations to one of Brussels’ move “diverse” areas.
Mr Griffin’s suggestion was in response to a study group looking into closing down the Strasbourg Parliament and moving the Plenary Sessions to Brussels.
A report titled “A Tale of Two Cities” for the Brussels-Strasbourg Seat Study Group identified that a large majority of MEPs – about 90 per cent – would prefer to meet only in Brussels. But last week, the French Senate adopted a resolution stating that all the European Parliament's activities should be moved to Strasbourg and that the Strasbourg city council has also adopted a similar resolution.
Asked for his opinion on the issue, Nick told the Study Group:
"I agree entirely that, in order to reduce the waste of taxpayers' money, there should only be one seat for the European Parliament.
“However, since liberal capitalist immigration policies have turned Brussels into a crime-ridden, multi-cultural slum, I suggest that Strasbourg would be preferable.
“But if we are forced to stay in Brussels, I propose that Parliament should buy a block of flats in the most 'enriched' part of the city and make MEPs live there, in order to allow them to enjoy the same benefits of immigration as so many of their poorer constituents."
More than 30 per cent of Brussels’ population is foreign-born, mostly concentrated in the north and west sides of the city, in the Molenbeek, Saint-Josse and Schaerbeek communes, which are home to a large Moroccan community. More than a quarter of the city's inhabitants are Muslim.
Brussels was hit by Muslim riots in 2009, when police were attacked with Molotov cocktails and gas cylinders, and an immigrant crime wave in 2010.
The city has the highest unemployment rate in Belgium, over 17 per cent, and in some areas, youth unemployment is as high as 50 per cent. Many neighbourhoods are considered no-go areas for indigenous people and policemen.
Ironically, European Parliament employees have been on the receiving end of muggings as they have travelled to and from work in the city.
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