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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Burning Poppies, £50; Defending England, £315; British Justice, Sold Out To Islam

Burning Poppies, £50; Defending England, £315; British Justice, Sold Out To Islam

  by The Freedom News Network  

At a West London Magistrates court, Tommy Robinson was convicted of a Section 5 Public Order Offense. This was the second attempt to prosecute him as the first charges were thrown out of court in January.
Tommy was ordered to pay a fine and costs of £315. If you recall, the only man accused and convicted of burning a poppy on that day was fined £50 and immediately vowed not to pay the fine.
Tommy is, of course, appealing. There could hardly be a better example of a two tier legal system operating in England today. We have explained here before exactly what the black flag of Jihad means and we all know what burning a poppy was supposed to mean. Yet it is Tommy, trying to stop this incitement and hate who is punished. The Police and the State do nothing to enforce anti-incitement laws as long as it is Muslims who are doing the inciting and the hating.

But it is the events outside the court that the press will now focus on because they know that presenting the simple fact of Tommy with a £315 fine and a £50 fine for hate filed, £800 per month benefit scrounger, Emdadur Choudhury on their front pages would stiffen the resolve of the whole of descent England: the whole country know something is rotten and the EDL are the ONLY major movement not afraid to name the problem.
Outside Tommy was supported by at least 150 loyal EDL who stood for hours. But what the press are writing about happened when a few Muslim lads decided to raise the adrenalin level.
There are reports of stone throwing at first by Muslims and then after walking, unharmed, into the middle of the group of EDL one young muslim man started to mouth off. He started to leave but lashed out and hit EDL Angel in the mouth. She went down with a damaged jaw and needed stitches: the perpetrator ran for the cover of his friends. A few scuffles and arrests later and it was over. One EDL woman off to hospital and up to 8 people arrested, the vast majority of them not from the EDL.
But if you read the Daily Express or the BBC you’d be hard pushed to know that it wasn’t the EDL kicking off and it wasn’t the EDL being led to the cells. The Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle has a reasonable report (apart from using the term Far-right which is something they’ll regret eventually).
The BBC, in particular, has written a completely ridiculous piece about the violence (ignoring the case inside) with the headline: “Arrests at EDL founder Stephen Lennon’s court case”. The arrests, of course, were all young muslim males but there is no mention of this and the emphasis and juxtaposition of the words implies the EDL were arrested.
So all in all what did we learn yesterday? The EDL can hold a peaceful protest outside a court for many hours but once a group of Muslim lads steam in and start hitting women, the press will call the EDL violent and ignore the travesty of two tier justice happening inside the court. Welcome to England, 2012.