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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Majority of UK Voters Want Less Immigration (but Voted for More, Again

Majority of LibLabCon Voters Want Less Immigration (but Voted for More, Again)

The vast majority of LibLabCon voters want a sharp reduction in immigration despite having last week voted for parties that encourage more of it, a survey has revealed.
A new YouGov poll found the majority of voters for all three establishment parties want a huge immigration cut.
Seventy-two per cent of Liberal Democrat voters want net immigration of 100,000 or less per year. A majority (55 per cent) of Lib Dem supporters want to see a much lower figure of 50,000 or less. Only eight per cent want the present level of 200,000 a year or more.
Results for Labour voters were almost identical. Seventy-four per cent of potential Labour voters favour net immigration of 100,000 or less a year and a majority (64 per cent) want 50,000 or less. Only seven per cent want 200,000 or more.
Conservative voters were 92 per cent in favour of 100,000 or less while only two per cent want 200,000 or more.
Overall, 79 per cent favour a yearly net immigration total of 100,000 or less while just five per cent wanted 200,000 or more. Only two per cent of all LibLabCon voters wanted an increase in immigration.
The largest percentage of respondents, 36 per cent, chose the option closest to the British National Party’s policy of a complete halt to immigration, the “No net migration” option. As is usual in YouGov polls, no “Zero immigration” option was listed.
Stricter controls on non-EU economic migrants were also favoured by voters of all three parties, with 82 per cent wanting a reduction (96 per cent Conservative, 76 per cent Labour and 76 per cent Lib Dem). Only eleven per cent of LibLabCon voters were against such proposals.
Revealingly, seven per cent of Conservative voters, eighteen per cent of Labour voters and twenty per cent of Lib Dem voters said they “didn’t know” what immigration numbers would be best for Britain.
Replicate questions were posed in a YouGov survey last November and showed almost identical findings.
The results are still somewhat surprising given the commitment to mass immigration of all three branches of the LibLabCon political establishment. Voters of those parties need to realise, as soon as possible, that, by electing LibLabCon, they are voting for the very opposite of what they themselves demand.
Their wishes can only be achieved via the British National Party’s policies of halting all immigration, withdrawing from the EU and deporting illegal asylum seekers and foreign criminals living on British soil.
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