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Monday, 30 May 2011

British National Party Activists Pay Tribute to Blackpools Charlene Downes Despite Police Threats

British National Party Activists Pay Tribute to Charlene Downes Despite Police Threats

British National Party activists paid tribute to missing teenager Charlene Downes in Blackpool today despite strong opposition from police who threatened to arrest party members and throw away the wreath laid for Charlene as “rubbish”.
Activists attempted to lay a wreath and a bunch of flowers in Charlene’s memory outside Mr Beanz, the takeaway shop in Dickson Road where she was believed to have been groomed, murdered and had her body turned into kebabs by the shop’s owners.
The activists, led by National Organiser Adam Walker and Cllr Mike Whitby, were told by police that they were in breach of the Public Order Act for being near the takeaway shop and that they would be arrested if they did not move immediately. The police attempted to issue Mr Walker and the activists with written warnings, but they did not accept them.
When the activists tried to lay the wreath for Charlene outside the shop, police told them that it would be thrown away as it was “rubbish” and would be seen as “incitement”.
Activists said a prayer for Charlene then went to Blackpool town centre and distributed to the public over 2,000 “Our Children Are Not Halal Meat” leaflets, which warn about the Muslim paedophile grooming epidemic in Britain.
Afterwards, activists laid the wreath at Charlene Downes’s memorial bench in Blackpool’s Stanley Park and held a minute’s silence for her.
Mr Walker said he wanted to hold a dignified ceremony to raise awareness about the victims of Muslim paedophile grooming and murder, not just in Blackpool, but all over the country.
He said it was disturbing that there are people holidaying in Blackpool now who are blissfully unaware of the horrors that have taken place there and will continue to take place.
“What we have got here is certain members of our community who are grooming and drugging our children for sex. It’s completely unacceptable, and it makes my blood boil,” Mr Walker told British National Party TV.
“It’s only the British National Party at the moment that has the guts to speak about this sort of thing. We’re here for our people, and we’re fighting back. We’re going to start bullying these bullies.”
Blackpool schoolgirl Charlene Downes disappeared in 2003 aged fourteen.
The owners of what is now Mr Beanz takeaway, Jordinian Iyad Albattikhi and Iranian Mohammed Reveshi, were tried for her murder in 2007 and 2008 but were acquitted after police failings and awarded with nearly half a million pounds in compensation.
The verdict was met with disbelief as police had captured more than 50 tape recordings of the two men in which it was reported that they joked about chopping up Charlene’s body, putting her through a mincing machine “bones and all” and putting her remains into their kebabs.
Mr Beanz has also been linked to teenage Paige Chivers, a fifteen-year-old girl who went missing in 2007.
Charlene’s mother Karen has said that she hopes that there is now enough public pressure for the police to re-open the investigation.
You can see British National Party Television’s video report by clicking the first image below.

Activists outside the Mr Beanz takeaway in Dickson Road

At the Stanley Park memorial bench

Mike Whitby with the memorial wreath
Also video of Police threats to Activists
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