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Monday, 7 March 2011

" Apples and oranges" How the ruling party sees themselves as incorrectly unlike the British National Party

" Apples and oranges" How the ruling party sees themselves as incorrectly unlike the British National Party!

By The Alabama Rose

At the present moment I am reading a David Starkey Biography about Queen Elizabeth 1st. (one of my favorite people ever on this  earth!) it has me creating so many pictures in my mind of the land and topography of reading, it so easily reminds me, even as a non indigenous person, of why the BNP exists.How magnificently and intricately the political fiber has been spun and woven into every blade of grass atop every hill and dell throughout for many thousands of years , to keep and to protect the purity and ownership of England's land and traditions for ALL of England's inherent citizens! My God! That ANY fortunate soul be born unto such a uniquely special Country, and not see the ABSOLUTE duty to do one's part to aid in whatever manner within their means to boost the fighting spirit of the home team, has no soul!!! To eat the fruits of England's land and drink from the waters that clearly run through God's blood before theirs , to walk down tree lined lanes and be free to voice your opinion of it's beauty.... To speak in your own language .... To have the gift of all of these things and yet not be willing to come to arms when ALL of the aforementioned things stand on the edge of a cliff with a strong wind at their back, is unfathomable! It is a narrow souled person who sees the BNP's sole mission to be bigotry. Even I , as an American, find it hard to believe that ALL rightful citizens( and by that I mean of course the families who have had generations of relatives go back to the beginning of time)that these citizens would not be stumbling over one another to join the heart felt and correct party of the BNP! The current prevailing parties say of the followers of the BNP ,that they stand for unethical and disrespectful practices against anyone who is not anglo..but is it not right and natural for the people who are the descendants of all the great masses of English citizens over thousands of years who fought for, died for, created , developed and maintain the current environment for themselves and ALL of the OTHERS who now enjoy the benefits without the blood sweat OR tears, is it not understandable that this group of descendants band together to strengthen their concentration in order to fight the threatening enemy who actively and aggressively seeps into all cracks and crevasses of their homeland....and has changed even the most unnoticeable detail of life as you knew it as well as the blatant
and fundamental core values you have always known? So these bully parties dare
to label the BNP yet they themselves are guilty of the same! They have banded together in likeness to fight against what THEY feel is threatening to THEM which from my perception is ANYONE who does not support THEM . They are alike with the BNP in that they have a common goal that they deem is most important above all other. Here is the difference. They have set their agenda of necessary change based on what a handful of career politicians see as important and have used their political prowess to push their personal ideas of what England should do to benefit primarily themselves ... The BNP
Is comprised of laymen and regular folks whose only " agenda" is to regain what is already rightfully theirs as citizens and have back the right to live as they choose, not as they are forced to by smaller private agendas that allow ALL OTHERS to take over everything and change the heartbeat and appearance of England while England's indigenous citizens are forced to eat the enemies dust as the foreign masses selfishly and persistently race ahead like locusts to wheat to devour anything recognizable as "English". I fail to see the BNP's banding together as a party to be any different than the banding of any other party. They must be overthrown. All the Kings and Queens and Knights and soldiers who look down from heavenly English skies must be sickened by what they see .... Take England back! Now! It is. indecent what is occurring. It must be stopped... There and in the US