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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Liberal Elite Have they learned nothing from Afghanistan?

Have they learned nothing from Afghanistan?’

– British National Party leader condemns Cameron over moves to send British troops into Libya.
Nick Griffin today launched a stinging attack on Tory leader David Cameron over the fiasco of the eight SAS troops arrested by rebels in Libya and his announcement that 600 men from the Black Watch are on standby to be sent to the strife-torn desert to help remove Colonel Gadaffi.

‘It’s beyond madness,’ said Mr. Griffin, talking to journalists in Brussels. ‘It’s up to the Libyans to decide whether they want to be ruled by an elderly kleptomaniac sex addict or by the Islamists who will emerge as the strongest force among the rebels. But either way, regime change in Libya is not worth the bones of one single British soldier or airman.

‘For Cameron to fantasise about imposing a no-fly zone on Libya while simultaneously slashing the RAF is particularly crazy. With a ConDem closure of RAF Leuchars and Kinloss, the stark reality is that the only air force David Cameron is going to destroy is Britain’s.

‘If Cameron and his American puppet-masters do invade Libya, the British National Party will immediately launch a high-profile high-street campaign to focus popular rejection of such warmongering lunacy, and against the crippling Oil Shock fuel prices that will get even worse if the US further enrages the Arab world by openly trying to steal their oil
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