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Sunday, 13 March 2011

British Traditional beliefs under attack When will Christians get respect?

Traditional beliefs under attack
When will Christians get respect?

 Fellow Patriot,

Anciently held Christian beliefs are under fire once again!
An elderly Christian couple had £3600 taken from them by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) for only renting double rooms to married couples. This was held to discriminate against a gay couple. The Christians argued they were just trying to live according to their beliefs.
Now the EHRC are backing the same militant gay couple who won their original claim in fresh claims for money from the Christians Mr and Mrs Bull.
Mr and Mrs Bull now face paying this militant couple thousands of pounds more in further compensation. They have applied to the Appeal Court to overturn the original damages awarded against the Bulls and order much higher compensation. Their case is being presented by EHRC lawyers, according to new court documents.
Despite Mr Bull being seriously ill, having undergone a triple heart by-pass in January, the PC bigots at the EHRC are chasing the Bulls for more money. The EHRC are using taxpayers’ money to drive Christian beliefs to the sidelines.
In the original ruling against the Bulls in January, Judge Rutherford said: “It is not so very long ago that these beliefs of the defendants would have been those accepted as normal by society at large. Now it is the other way around.”
Make no mistake, this is a very deliberate act by the Political Class. They are actively seeking to ensure that the Christian faith is dirtied, denigrated and made unattractive to the general public.

“We simply want to live and work in line with our beliefs about marriage. Can’t we just agree to disagree?”
- Mrs Bull

For too long Trevor Phillips and others like him have lorded over our country, turning it from a proud Christian country, into one where, in more and more of our towns and cities, Christian beliefs come second or third behind both PC agendas and Islam. It’s a case of us and them, and they think our views and feelings don't count!
Contrast the case of the Bulls with the case of the Muslim poppy burner. He desecrated a national war symbol on Armistice Day and only received a £50 fine. It shows you that the establishment is not on the side of the ordinary British folk.

I am calling all decent Christians to show the establishment that we will no longer remain silent or be oppressed.
Our views count, and we want our religion and values given their due respect.
Can you afford to sacrifice £500 to help in our fight for Britain? If not, is a gift of £100 or £50 within your grasp? Every pound counts, and we will make every pound work harder for us than ever before. Please donate whatever you can today in order to ensure that we are there to speak out in defence of our traditional values.
We are treated as second-class citizens in our own country, but your generous support will help even more people realise that the British National Party can make a real difference.

Please accept my sincere thanks,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin
Member of the European Parliament

P.S. This is not about being 'anti-Gay', because we're not. It's about defending the right of Christian people to live according to their religious beliefs without Government interference. We must not stand by and let ordinary Christian folk be persecuted for their beliefs. It's about real tolerance and respect. Give whatever you can afford today online or by ringing 0844 809 4581 and show you care.