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Friday, 25 March 2011

Residents of Horwich and Bolton Voice of Freedom Newspaper – Get Yours Hot off the Press!

Voice of Freedom – Get Yours Hot off the Press!

The latest Voice of Freedom (Number 121) is now out. Subscribe and get yours hot off the press! It is packed with hidden and censored news that the mainstream media refuses to print.
By subscribing to Voice of Freedom, you will gain information and knowledge that others won't. The Voice of Freedom is not censored by the Political Class and brings you all the facts.
I edit Voice of Freedom. It has a hard-hitting, no-nonsense style. It brings you the truth before you hear the establishment media lies. We've just printed our latest issue. It is full of news suppressed by the daily press.

Articles in this new issue include:

  • The Great Pretender, Cameron's phoney war against multi-culturalism comes unstuck

  • Fight Back in The Forests

  • Solidarity: Promoting Nationalism and Freedom, a report from the Nationalist Trade Union

  • Focus on Wales – Big Push for Assembly Breakthrough

  • Radio Red, White and Blue to Launch Daily Bulletins

  • Health: Big Business to Profit from our Pain

  • Urenco: Selling off our Security
    and more! 

  • Make sure you get this issue hot off the press by subscribing today. The Voice of Freedom is not to be missed. A full year's subscription is only £13.15, postage and packaging included.
    Subscribing to Voice of Freedom will make you better informed about matters in the news as well as key developments within the British National Party.
    Stay informed and support our alternative Nationalist press with the Voice of Freedom. Subscribe now:

    Click Here to Subscribe to The Voice of Freedom

    With sincere thanks,

    Nick Griffin
    Member of the European Parliament
    Leader, British National Party
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