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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lawful Rebellion in Action March 7th 2011 Liverpool England

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Written by Green Arrow
Tuesday, March 2011
lawful_rebellion_title_logo_120_x_83We the people hereby Serve Notice, under Common Law, to all elected politicians, of all parties in Great Britain, that failure to take action to restore the British people’s Sovereignty, and to overturn the treason and criminality that has occurred and is occurring at the highest levels in this country, will lead to charges of being personally complicit in this treason and criminality and therefore liable to prosecution under Common Law. Taken from the Lawful Rebellion site.

Hundreds of protesters stormed a courtroom and attempted to make a citizens' arrest on a judge in support of a man challenging his council tax bill.

In chaotic scenes, police rescued Judge Michael Peake from the clutches of a mob and escorted him safely from the County Court in Birkenhead, Merseyside.

Officers were force to scramble over court benches to control the near riot as one protester shouted to 'seal the court'. Another sat in the judge's chair at the head of the court and declared the defendant be released. Read rest at Daily Mail.
Pity the demonstrators were not a bit more organised as it would have been nice to hear the speech the one patriot was trying to make. But a good first effort.
If this site can do anything to promote these people then we will