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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

UK Muslim Poppy-Burner Fined £50 – Which Will Come Out of His Benefits

Muslim Poppy-Burner Fined £50 – Which Will Come Out of His Benefits

A Muslim fanatic has been fined a mere £50 for burning poppies and chanting hate slogans on Armistice Day.

Emdadur Choudhury, 26, was part of a demonstration by members of the so-called Muslims Against Crusaders who protested at the end of a march celebrating the UK's armed forces, on 11 November last year.Poppy-FlamesChoudhury waved a protest flag and then set fire to two large plastic poppies. He was convicted of actions "likely to cause harassment, harm or distress".

He did not even bother to attend court to hear his sentence.

Choudhury's £50 fine was means tested after his lawyer said he earned £480 a month from part-time work and got £792 a month in benefits.

The maximum fine for his offence – the least serious of public order crimes – is £1,000. Another protester, Mohammed Haque, was found not guilty.

Shaun Rusling, vice-chairman of the National Gulf War Veterans and Families Association, said that every serviceman in the country would see the sentence as "disgusting".

He said: "If we set fire to a Quran there would be uproar and they would go after us, but because this is Britain people just get upset. It is a futile sentence.

"For them to insult those who have given their lives for freedom is an affront. It is one law for them and one law for others," he said.

"Remembrance Day is a very special day for those in the armed forces. It is a day when we remember those who have lost their lives for freedom and fighting for their country."

British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin spoke for the nation when he said:

"The poppy is a symbol of generations of sacrifice by our people. The full force of the law should have come down on the heads of those who insulted that sacrifice. The petty sentence is another sign of how corrupt and out of touch the establishment is. I urge militant action against the haters who mock our nation.

"The fact that this man is on benefits means that it is the taxpayer who will be paying his fine in any case. You really couldn't make this up. What a disgrace our country has become. These fanatics will be celebrating the weakness of our establishment tonight and laughing at us and our brave service personnel. What must the lads and lasses fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan think of this?"
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