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Saturday, 12 March 2011

UK Television Programming Used to Politicise the Public

TV Programming Used to Politicise the Public 

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A popular TV programme, normally interested in finding people whom have no knowledge of relatives who may have left some form of estate, has proven once again, the depths to which the entertainment industry will go, in politicising its output. ''The Heir Hunters'', shown on various channels and repeated numerous times, showed on the 5th of January 2011, a Jewish immigrant family, having moved from Lithuania in the late 1920's, once again using various identities to enter South Africa, and Britain, then stabbing the very people in the back who gave them every opportunity for a better life.

Recently, this site showed aspects of one particular group, coming from the wider Jewish community, who seemed to enjoy attacking white western society at every opportunity through various means, mediums and financial control. The duplicity of immigrants from many backgrounds who would have otherwise been abused, or killed in their place of birth, is a very sore subject indeed. The ''Heir Hunters'' programmes are very interesting indeed, but having a large part of one programme, given over to ''Anti-Apartheid'', and using race when it suits them, is sickening at worse, and at best, proving once again that, the British, and all western culture, is alone in it's battle for our future survival. From the likes of Kieth Vaz, born in the Yemen, to Peter Hain, born in South Africa, and many others we have allowed inside our once safe, relatively happy, and industrious nation, people determined to, in Vaz's own words, ''transform Britain'' are traitors.

Whether or not these people are here, or elsewhere, and whether or not they are Asian, Jewish, or Muslim/black etc, the fact is that we have not much more than ten years to turn this hatred around, and expel them, taking back our beloved institutions regardless of the obvious sanctions that will accompany this act of repossession. A so-called ''celebrity'' recently stated that she loves nothing more that curling up on the sofa, with a ''South African red''... Peter Hain is a South African red, but I'm sure she meant a nice bottle of wine.

The promotion of Communism and leftist ideology on TV, is simply one part of the bigger plan to politicise the west, and keep the cattle snuggled up on the sofa, until slaughter is upon them. We are wiser, and we are the many, but it will sadly take more than writing articles and being actively involved in the British National Party to offer hope, and a way out of this hell. We will have to watch as millions suffer from job losses, pensions depletion, and large scale social disorder, before we can gather the political crop required to salvage and then restore our fortunes. There is evidence that some ethnic groups are sympathetic to our policies, and with enforced membership via the Communist Trevor Phillips, another immigrant parasite and traitor, we could see a small minority genuinely supporting the party openly.

Having said that, people must be aware of the obvious traps that Philips and the Tri-Partate dictatorship have in mind, and realise that ultimately, only the British National Party has been targeted, leaving alone other, smaller nationalist parties... until they potentially get as big or powerful. If that ever happens through so-called ''hard-liners'' jumping ship, and swelling membership to a valuable opposition, then the same will happen to that party. Our current leadership has come under attack by older, and supposedly wiser seasoned nationalists, and from those who have a personal or grubby selfish wish to control it, plus the obvious state agents and informers. To this end, we cannot have old battles and themes that broke the NF, and other groups, constantly re-enacted. We must stay with the leadership, and remember the heights we have got to, and the pressures we, and our leaders have faced.

British people have an inbuilt trait, one that engages enemies hard and fast when cornered, but until that time comes, we must remember also that, we are an island peoples, and have many times allowed it to become a base for alien immigrants, and those born and bred here, to liberalise and ''transform'' our nation. Liberals are not the problem, it is our own selfish, and rather ''snugly attitude'' that is killing us. We can blame immigrants both the high, and lowly, for many things, but the treachery of our own, and the lazy, ''I'm alright so sod off'' attitude prevalent since the social comfort blanket of the Welfare State, is THE serious threat. To round up what this article is really saying, we must do three broader things:

One - Stay with the British National Party through thick and thin, always remembering that we do not have to be in each others pockets all the time, but steadily build bridges and work like ants to maintain our presence as a single cultural and political entity. Two - write and produce as many articles, ideas, and thoughts as possible, and engineer them accordingly to each problem or activity required to reach the masses. Three - Remember that it is always ''personal circumstances'', mainly financial, to which the masses react. Our struggle is not a single one, it is a multi-level struggle, so as we face election disasters, and some of us get disillusioned, it is essential we encourage seasoned and newer members/supporters to forget the ''football manager'' mentality. This is a dangerous attitude, as a couple of bad games does not mean we should dump the manager. A lost game is a lost game, the season and the years ahead are only ours if the people and players are up to it.

Finally, regarding examples of alien hostility, mainly from those with parents or grandparents who came here supposedly poor and abused in some form, it must never become a ''no go area'' to tell the truth. We must always produce an article or thesis that is loaded with truths, and those upset or in disagreement have the right to say so. However, as indigenous people, with a history going back thousands of years previous to the ice age, we must stand proud, and offer every opportunity to activists and writers, to face up to difficult and purposefully complex discussions or topics. Without attacking the disease/germ, we can cover the sores with cream, and take as many pills as we like, but by not attacking the parasite that caused it, we simply go round in circles. Immigrants have no control over us whatsoever, it is all in the mind, and if we use our minds, and have the willpower, we can take this land of our back. History is full of winners and losers, let's ensure history shows we are the winners.