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Monday, 21 March 2011

BBC Blows Licence Tax Payers’ Money on “Diversity Census”

“Too White” BBC Blows Licence Payers’ Money on “Diversity Census”

By Stephen Palmer –at the British National Party Newsroom
Despite facing some of the biggest cutbacks in its history, the BBC has chosen to spend licence payers’ money on a “diversity census” of its staff instead of funding programming.
Much like the national census, the BBC’s questionnaire asks a series of personal questions about employees’ ethnicity, religion and disabilities, but it also questions them about their sexual orientation.
The intrusive survey, issued to the BBC’s 17,000-plus hapless staff, has been welcomed by homosexual groups, who called on other publicly funded organisations to do the same.
It is believed that the move is being undertaken because of the so-called Equality Act, which requires public-sector employers to monitor whether certain groups within its staff are at a “disadvantage”.
The news came at the same time as the producer of the ITV show Midsomer Murders was suspended for telling an interviewer that fictional Midsomer “wouldn’t be an English village” if it contained non-white characters.
Conversely, recent comments by former Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer, that shows such as the Today programme and The Archers are “too white”, were met with no such media hysteria.
We in the British National Party recognise the obvious fact that “diversity” is simply a euphemism for “fewer white people”, specifically fewer heterosexual white males. To spend the public’s money on such a racist, heterophobic and bigoted survey only reiterates the BBC’s position as an enemy of normalcy and the British people.
It is ironic that many of the same BBC staff who champion “diversity”, “enrichment” and “multiculturalism” will very likely lose their jobs because they don’t tick the “right” boxes.
After the way the corporation has treated the British National Party over the years, however, it is unlikely they will get much sympathy from our supporters.
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