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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Homosexual Propaganda Taught to Schoolchildren as Young as Five in Horwich and Bolton

Homosexual Propaganda Taught to Schoolchildren as Young as Five

By Stephen Palmer –
Material funded by British taxpayers is being used to brainwash primary-school children with homosexual propaganda, it has been revealed.
The charity Stonewall has issued “training packs” to schools that aim to teach children as young as five about homosexual relationships and to encourage boys to become cheerleaders and wear frocks.
The packs, which are backed by the Government’s Training and Development Agency (TDA), include a 30-minute DVD featuring primary school teachers giving “best practice” tips from their “own experience”.
One teacher in the DVD, Ruth Platt, of St Matthew’s Primary School in Cambridgeshire, said that a group of boys last year wanted to wear “dressing-up dresses” during role-play in the classroom.
“They really loved wearing the dressing-up dresses, and it went on for several weeks,” she said. “And within the culture of the classroom, I wanted to say that that was OK. And so when some of the other boys said, ‘Why are they wearing the dresses? They shouldn’t be wearing the dresses’, I just said, ‘No, that’s fine – if they want to wear the dresses, that’s up to them’. We try and encourage that kind of individuality.”
Tony Davies, the head teacher at the same school, said on the DVD about the school’s cheerleading team, “We’ve got boys with the pompoms doing the dance, you know, and I think that is absolutely wonderful.”
Head teacher Garry Ratcliffe, of Oakfield Community Primary School, added that children should learn to be “resilient” to the values of their parents if they disagree over homosexual issues.
The training packs also push the reading of pro-homosexual books in classrooms, like Tango Makes Three, about two “gay” penguins who raise a chick together; King & King, about two princes who kiss and get married; Spacegirl Pukes, about a girl brought up by lesbians; and The Sissy Duckling, a story of a homosexual duck who is “a big sissy and proud of it”.
An accompanying guide to the books suggests that children perform plays based on these stories, with pupils acting out the roles of the characters.
Also included are posters such as the pictured  “Different Families Same Love”, which comprises a series of drawings of racially mixed and homosexual families. Another poster displays a chart of different relationships disguised as mathematical equations, such as “dad + dad’s boyfriend =” and “mum + mum’s girlfriend =” followed by pictures of different-coloured hearts.
The British National Party regards this sexual and racial brainwashing of children as wholly perverse. The teaching of sexual propaganda to children is akin to child abuse and has no place in a healthy, normal society.
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