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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Once Great Britain The Benefits Riviera Of The World

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Written by BC 1959   
benefit-agency-sign_120_x_120Credit Crunch... what Credit Crunch? The world's top spot for the good life, where homes, and everything in them, including ash trays, was highlighted by the British National Party almost a decade ago, is getting even more comfortable.
It sounds like a great place to visit, and millions have decided to stay. So where is it? Here of course. Many of these visitors cannot speak the native language, one of over Fifty spoken here, thus the ever so kind tax payers have decided, at least by their voting patterns, to pay for them to have their wishes translated into English.
The cost? Nothing really, well, not to them anyway. The taxpayers, easily herded into ''political gas chambers'' with broken promises and wild ideas of equality, pay around £116,000 per week collectively for this ''service.''
Happy to vote for illegal and horrific wars, the people living in The Benefits Riviera of the world, formerly known as Great Britain, also enjoy helping in excess of 180,000 immigrants, sorry, visitors, some of them ''health tourists,'' to the tune of £78,000,000 per year.
Money going to support visitors' children still in their homeland, while one or both parents are enjoying life here, is estimated to cost more than £20,000,000. every year. The number of these types of claims, have risen by 20 per cent in the past year alone, and is in reference to Eastern Europe only. Of course, this does not even include visitors from Africa, Asia, the Far East, South America, China, or the West Indies.
Our system is rigged to promote ''equality,'' and that now includes literally anyone with enough Chutzpah to ''enjoy our hospitality'' from anywhere in the world. Why wouldn't anyone take this opportunity? Many people have been driven from here, and other Western countries for decades, with dreams of making a better life.
Some of course have returned, not wanting to admit that the grass is greener on the other side. Having said that, people taking their families to shores of gold, and seas of fun and prosperity, means that something is wrong here, or from whence they came does it not? Except for those not of indigenous European descent, there are not that many options left open to them, and this also goes for those whom made Africa a civilised and crime free, prosperous continent in the last century.
And now, the Benefits Riviera of planet earth, so loved and hated in equal terms by millions, has a gaping hole in its institutions. That hole, which includes what was once a world renowned health service, armed forces, and police force, sits alone, begging for help from someone, somewhere.
It sits alone, in the northern part of Europe, broken, crime ridden, and helpless. Still, we have some heart warming things to fill our evenings with, as millions starve, freeze to death, and find nothing relevant in terms of jobs or careers, self employment and future prospects. Yes, we have a coalition government, made up of ''opposing ideologies.'' They are different, some call themselves Liberals, others Socialist, and some Conservative, with the odd few apparently very worried about being integrated into the EU.
Yes, they are different, they are different to us, they are ''gold plated'' against poverty. They are also different in many other things also. They differ from the millions who come here, looking for a better life, but want so much to bring equality and fairness to society to them.
After all, it won't be long before an immigrant, or one from immigrant ancestry, takes the ''top job,'' and become Prime Minister. Not of Britain of course, but of England. Scotland and Wales will of course be able to enjoy this idea, as they are now preparing to depart from the ancient Britanicus that at one time, was one single entity. Soon, we will have our very own Barrack Obama. Equality would then be total. The Marxists, so wonderfully financed by the foreign bankers of old, would then be a happy bunch.
Marxism is of course, along with it's later creation, the ''Frankfurt School,'' the bedrock of the whole sham now playing at a City, town or village near you. This bedrock was not particularly stable though, as the whole house of cards was financed by those who will soon, show how ruthless they are.
How so? It's like this: Super capitalists, mainly immigrants themselves, embedded in Europe and New York, desperately needed a vehicle to drive their plan of world fiscal and resource domination into being. Once this was achieved, so-called Socialist revolutions could then explode all over the world.
Now they have completed this, many who voted Labour, joined unions, and basically threw the baby out with the bath water by despising their traditions and culture, will suffer severely. Nothing is safe, and no amount of Students demonstrating, or people moaning in pubs etc, will stop what is coming if solid action is not forthcoming. Our little island may be the benefits Riviera of the world, but it is simply unsustainable.
With so-called ''main-stream'' ideology, comes propaganda, and now it is all coming home to roost. Marxism and basic Social and Capital dogma, has been proven to be one and the same. It's all now becoming clearer, and our little nation, once the bread basket of the world in sheer engineering and export terms, is being broken, smashed into pieces, and everyone will become a victim.
Now we have only one choice, and that is to take a lead from all the opposing groups, and polarise our efforts no matter what. Somehow, and somewhere and sometime soon, very soon, there will have to be a single entity on the world wide stage, one that will reach every individual, group, and political party where-ever they are on earth.
We have little time, so watch this space, as it is becoming apparent that a legal representative with a recognised diplomatic status, to push for the rights and renaissance of our kind, will become a reality.