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Monday, 7 March 2011

Sheep Voting for Mint Sauce in Barnsley

Sheep Voting for Mint Sauce
Written by Sarah Albion   
white stick me voting labour in red ballot boxes
There are some good things to say about the result in yesterday's Barnsley bi-election, which followed the conviction and imprisonment of the previous Labour MP Eric Illsley for fiddling his expenses. The British National Party's Enis Dalton, easily beat the candidate for the Liberal Democrat part of the current government coalition and came within a mere 600 votes of beating the other government coalition candidate, the Conservative.
The bad news is that Labour won, and did so by a very comfortable majority.
One question is raised by the triumphant Labour party's impressive 60.8% share of the vote, won despite the previous Labour MP's criminality, that question is how many creatures which walk on two legs and are quite as stupid as a white, working class, Labour voter?
Extraordinarily stupid people have for centuries been the subject of, sometimes very unkind humour. Long before the cold dead hand of political correctness clasped hard on the throats and testicles of stand up comedians across the land, particular groups were often singled out as examples of those challenged in terms of intellect and common sense. Some such groups continue, to be mocked, whereas others are no longer viewed as acceptable targets.
Jokes at the expense of Irishmen have long since been consigned to the naughty step, however, interestingly, even in this feminist age jokes about Essex girls and blonds still find their way into our mailboxes from time to time, perhaps they are considered less racially sensitive than jokes about Bradford boys and brunettes.
Back in the 1980's, Sun readers became very much the butt of jokes about cerebral inadequacy and single digit IQs. There was, of course a political motive to this as the rise in “Sun Reader” jokes coincided with the point when Sun readers started to vote in large numbers for Margaret Thatcher, and the previously left leaning paper itself decided to throw its support behind the lady.
Although the underlying purpose was to undermine Thatcher's Conservative party and pillory her supporters, the official message was that it was somehow dumb for working class people to support a right wing Conservative.
To make sense of such an argument, one must believe totally in the urban myths which have become the stuff of contemporary reality.
Amongst those myths, of course, is the belief that the modern Labour party retains some vestige of loyalty to the traditional British Working class. In terms of myths this belief can only be compared to the assumption that a pack of hungry hyenas might care a jot for the well being of a wounded antelope.
In fact for Sun readers to support Thatcher demonstrated towering intellects by comparison to those amongst the white working class who still vote Labour, a group which must now stand unchallenged as the most moronic section of our community.
The Labour party may have been created to support the traditional working classes when it was formed in 1900, but that support lasted little more than 80 short years. Labour's emotional attachment to the white working class began to die with the defeat of the Atlee government in 1951, and the process was speeded up in the 1970's when, despite massive politically inspired industrial and social unrest, the downtrodden proletariat failed to embrace a socialist Utopia as the Labour script had required them to.
A shadow of the old loyalty may have lingered in the hearts of some older Labour activists at the beginning of the 1980's but that too was crushed as the defeated coal miners marched back to work in 1985.
For the last quarter of a century the Labour movement have been the sworn enemies of the white working class they were once set up to serve. The white working class failed to live up to what was expected of them and have paid a heavy price for that failure, albeit it seems a few thousand slow witted souls in Barnsley have not yet noticed that fact.
Labour have new darlings now, and none of them are white. Their interests, needs and well being conflicts entirely with the interests needs and well being of the white working class, but must at all times now take precedence over the white working class, whom most Labour activists have come to view as racist scum.
Almost every act taken by Labour over the last twenty five years, especially during their period in government have been deliberately damaging to the white working class and beneficial to Labour's new non-white, non-native favourites. This extends to almost all areas of economic, foreign and social policy. The main victims of the open door immigration policy, the embrace of the Human Rights Act, the worship of globalisation and the strengthening of outrageously one sided “equalities” legislation have been the white working classes.
It is they, the white working classes who have suffered more than any other, who have lost out in terms of earnings, employment, housing, social care and loss of their natural inheritance, they are the main victims of imported crime and the first to be replaced by an imported workforce, and it is they who have been deliberately and ruthlessly targeted by a party which cares only for a form of new multiculturalism which must, by its very nature, destroy the old culture in order to survive.
Yet they keep voting for the party which has done them so much damage and still seeks their destruction.
Why do they do it, can they really not see the truth? Are they truly all as deluded as poor old Gillian Duffy when she said to Gordon Brown “Me father, even when he was in his teens went to Free Trade Hall to sing the red flag” foolishly believing that such memories of a party so long dead would mean a thing to the cynical, Stasi minded zealot then in Downing street?
The White working class who still vote Labour are not so much turkeys voting for Christmas, after all Christmas comes just once a year. In fact they are more like sheep voting for Sunday lunch and mint sauce.
The Barnsley result shows us that there are still millions in this country who mindlessly embrace their own demise.
In answer to the question what is more stupid than a white working class Labour voter, one must admit that very little else on Earth is quite that dumb.