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Friday, 11 March 2011

UK Forced Marriages and 'Honour' Violence On The Rise: Bolton To?

Forced Marriages and 'Honour' Violence On The Rise

The brutalisation of children and a mechanism for further Third World immigration into Britain. That's the ugly reality of forced marriages in the Asian population in Britain. And it's getting worse.South Wales Police  admit that they are dealing with the largest amount of forced marriages and “honour”-based violence that they have ever seen.

Over the last twelve months the police in South Wales have dealt with 49 cases of forced marriage, with new cases every week. There have been a further two cases in North Wales in the last six months, while the Gwent force dealt with five cases of forced marriage last year.

Cases such as these in Wales are not isolated incidents, and yet they often go unchecked and unreported, despite senior members of the communities involved knowing that it is happening.

Bangladeshi children as young as fourteen are regularly being spirited back to Bangladesh to engage in forced marriages which then allow for further “family-based immigration”.

A government report named Tower Hamlets, which is now almost completely colonised by Muslims, as having the highest numbers of forced marriages in Britain.
The Department for Children, Schools and Families said that 2,000 children had gone missing from schools in fourteen areas where there were high levels of forced marriages, including the East End of London.

The government in England and Wales has the power to issue Forced Marriage Protection Orders (FMPOs). To date there have been little more than 100 orders, and horrifically almost half of these have been put in place to protect children under the age of eighteen. Indeed, according to the BBC Asian Network, one may have been as young as seven years old.

This horrific practice of shaming and abusing young women (and sometimes even men) into a marriage that they do not want should be a long-forgotten dark ages practice, not a common occurrence on British soil.

But this is of course the inevitable result of the Third World colonisation of Britain, and it is just one more reason why the British National Party stands against it and in favour of the preservation of the traditional identity and values of our homeland and people.

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