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Sunday, 20 March 2011

As British Nationalists, we say NOT IN OUR NAME !

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Written by BC1959   
coffin2_120_x_179As our ''Government'' and in fact, the whole of the British establishment, sign the death warrant of yet another foreign country, they also sign the death warrants of future civilian victims and armed forces members.
Many well read, and intelligent people, not just Nationalists, know this is insane, and deeply worrying. Why? The obvious reason is that if the plan to bomb Libyan forces controlled by Colonel Gaddafi, turns into a full thrown conflict, then imagine what another wave of immigrants, angry at ''the West'' will do.
The other reason is patently obvious also, and that is, the so-called ''international community'' and some other Arab states, are all embroiled in a war on EVERY independent nation, and the leaders of the international community, have no desire whatsoever, to relinquish their power and wealth.
It mattered not one jot what the Gaddafi regime was doing to its people not that long ago, and Britain even allowed the Lockerbie bomber to return.
Bahrain and Middle Eastern nations linked to this country's arms industry, are valuable to big business. Britain faces a dilemma in dealing with the current crisis in Bahrain and Libya, as Bahrain is as ''autocratic'' as Libya, but Libya is now a pretext to a further engineered schism, with a view to ridding those whose uses have been done and dusted. This country's links to dubious regimes, just as America's, is there for all to see in historical terms, but that won't stop the money elite from dumping on them when the time is right.
If Bahrain suddenly became unstable, one can only imagine the consequences of having no launch pad, for military activities of the US and UK security community. This would be a considerable disaster, and could then force the horse whispering ''allies'' of America and the UK, to pul strings, and once again use sheer greed, and military gain, to usher in a deadly attack on even that country.
In 2003, on the eve of the Iraqi war, Turkey vetoed an American led invasion from the north, through Turkish territory. If a similar thing were to happen in Bahrain, then Bahrain would become a victim to the ''democratic forces'' of America, Britain, and Israel. In fact, could that 2003 veto, be the VERY reason, so many government officials and MP's want Turkey to become a member of the EU?
Bahrain announced that MP's recently voted to ''jail for up to five years, any Bahraini who deals directly with Israel''. With the massive Israeli lobby in America, Britain, and much of the west having to doff the cap to influences and directives from powerful Jewish leaders and spokesmen, yet another creepy aspect rears it's ugly head. Bahrain pushed through a proposed new law, ''banning any form of relations with Israel or its people at all levels, government, business or private''. Penalties would also include fines of up to BD10,000 and business leaders or owners dealing with Israel, or selling or promoting its products, ''could lose their licences for up to 10 years''.
This picture then, paints a thousand words, as we all know that what Israel wants, Israel gets. So where will our armed forces personnel be in this whirlpool of tit-for-tat, open political and socio-economic warfare?
Probably in the firing line, along with thousands of others in the western hemisphere, used as pawns by their treacherous political leaders. In fact, how is an Islamic community going to take the simple fact that, one one hand, British MP's on all sides have ''friends of Israel,'' and promote Zionist influences and wishes at every turn, and on the other hand, invite millions of their brethren to come here, and like the Communist Ed Miliband, wish to offer them every available opportunity, and garner their mass votes from an increasing volume of immigrants from the Islamic community?
Both sides will eventually, clash, with poor old indigenous white folks slap in the middle of it all. We want nothing to do with either pro-Israeli duplicity, or pro-Islamic boot licking.
Not in our name the deaths on either side, and especially our brave soldiers already fighting for big business, and the bankers. Not in our name, the young lad from 2nd battalion, The Parachute Regiment, who is the latest brave Briton to die in this war of foreign interests and empire building. If this next conflict escalates, and it could, there will be thousands more like him.
Yet more of the cream of our nation(s), dying in their very prime will be only the tip of the iceberg. As indigenous Britons, we face both leaders from the Jewish community, and the Muslim community, getting together and crying wolf yet again, meeting as they are planning to do, to ''tell'' leaders not to encourage deals with so-called ''Far Right'' parties, or give them any oxygen of publicity.
If that is the case, then as Nationalists, we say NOT IN OUR NAME, the wars and conflict that will come to our shores and foreign ones also. Not in our name, the hate filled arrogance, used to foster in-fighting and treachery that splinters our communities and political will to fight enemies, embedded in our government and institutions.
And certainly, NOT IN OUR NAME, the destruction of other peoples countries, where innocent men, women, and children die for sheer greed and a land-grab of resources.
The whole of the political and elitist establishment, past and present, may well have to find new shores themselves, because within a short period of time, the country will be in the biggest mess it has ever been in. They can go where they want to, as long as it is not within a thousand miles of our shores.
And when the day of retribution does come, it will be a case of NOT IN OUR NAME, because all they have done, they have done knowingly, and all they will reap, they have reaped in their name, and for their own benefit, and by their own actions will they be known.