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Monday, 14 March 2011

Selling Out – Tesco Says British Jobs for Slovakian Workers , Horwich Store maybe?

Selling Out – Tesco Says British Jobs for Slovakian Workers

By Jennifer Matthys –
Despite rapidly rising unemployment in the UK, Tesco have seen fit to advertise for managers for their London stores in Slovakia! With benefits including the induction meeting for successful candidates being in Slovakia, and assistance with finding accommodation once they arrive in London, I’m sure this “new breed of manager” will be here and taking British jobs in no time at all!

It is an outrage that a company such as Tesco is advertising in another country when our own unemployment is already so bad. Overall, London had an unemployment rate for the quarter Oct–Dec 2010 of nine percent, the fourth-highest behind Yorkshire, the West Midlands and the North East, and 1.1 percent higher than the national UK rate.

Of course, these large companies may believe that Slovakian workers working in a country far away from home will be keen to spend as much time at work as possible, either to maximise their income or because they have nothing else to do in their lonely company-provided bedsit, whereas a British manager may make totally unreasonable demands, such as wanting to spend time away from work with their family!

These imports will almost certainly work much longer hours for less money and will not complain. These must be the private sector jobs that Cameron was talking about!

The British National Party now calls on our readers who find that the managers or checkout staff in their local Tesco store are foreign to abandon their trolleys and shop elsewhere. Show these big companies that we need British Jobs for British Workers. Remember, the next job that you save could be your own.
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