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Monday, 27 June 2011

Bolton Muslim Paedophile Gangs (Liverpool British National Party in Bolton)

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Muslim Paedophile Gangs (Liverpool BNP in Bolton)

June, 2011
by Liverpool BNP
This week, the Liverpool branch of the BNP, took 2 cars full of Activists to Bolton for a demonstration to raise awareness about the widespread problem our country has with Muslim paedophile grooming and rape gangs,  that prey on white girls. Yes, MUSLIM GANGS ARE TARGETING WHITE GIRLS AND RAPING THEM! I will say it exactly as it is. I cannot be prosecuted for stating that because it is true. To the lefties (and the authorities)that read this I invite you to try. I challenge you to try to prosecute me on any charge you like.
With this subject disgusting so many people, we could have taken more Activists with us but when we arrived in Bolton there was, as expected, a good turnout from BNP members across the country.
We started by leafleting the town centre, were after 5 minutes there was the usual attempts to disrupt our activity by an aggressive woman Labour council worker, accompanied by 2 equally arrogant C.P.O.s (plastic coppers).
As any follower of this site will be aware, we know our rights and so upon informing them of this, and establishing that the C.P.O.’s have no authority whatsoever, we went about our business of informing the people of Bolton that they should be on their guard as Muslim paedophile gangs are operating in their area.
Why would the council not want the public to be aware that their children may be in danger from paedophiles? Because apparently, Labour are all for paedophiles, support paedophiles, many of them ARE in fact paedophiles and the Labour leadership has actually tried to LEGALISE PAEDOPHILIA! See ( Again, I welcome Labour to try and take legal action against me. They won’t. They know this all to be true. This explains why the Labour Council worker attempted to hinder us exposing paedophiles.
After a while leafleting, we headed for the courts were 8 ASIAN MUSLIM MEN were appearing on several charges including child rape and soliciting child prostitution- they get the young girls hooked on drugs and then rent them out for sex to other ASIAN MUSLIM MEN.
On several occasions, the filthy perverts appeared in the windows of the court building, jeering and laughing at us, making gestures with their hands, V for victory signs as they know that there is a very good chance that they will walk free as so often happens with Muslim paedophile gangs.
Well that is exactly why we are raising awareness to this case, and the many others like it. We intend to put pressure on the Police, the Government and the courts so that they act, and act firmly.
These animals can not be allowed to evade justice.
after our days effort, we retired to the home of Dorothy and Andy Sayers (who work very hard running the Bolton BNP branch) for refreshments.
Thank you to Dot and Andy for making us all very welcome and looking after us.
What came of no surprise at all was that the following day the Bolton News, the local rag (Bolton’s Echo), wrote a story about our demo. It included comments from “local” people. We witnessed the reporter talking to several local Bolton people with local accents who said they were very happy with us being there and it was a good thing that we were doing (any right thinking person would surely agree, and most did). He was then seen talking to a communist council worker (yes, another one), a black woman and an Asian in full Muslim dress.
Needless to say, the newspaper printed only the negative comments from these so called “locals” and not one from the many supportive genuine local Bolton people they spoke to.
It appears that Bolton council support paedophiles (well it is a Labour council so it will), and so too apparently does the Bolton News.
The TV report was also unnecessarily hostile towards us saying “BNP incite racial tension”.
Well I say shame on them! If there has been any racial tension created then it was by the ASIAN MUSLIM MEN who raped the young white girls, got them addicted to drugs and passed them around each other, taking turns to rape them, not us! Should we stay silent so that parents do not know that they need to look out for their children? Like the papers and TV have been for years? NO.
That is why it is happening all aver Britain because of their silence, parents and children have been unaware of the dangers which has led to hundreds more of these cases. We will not allow it to be swept under the carpet! It is only due to us raising awareness that any arrests have been made in any of these cases because the police were refusing to arrest the perverts because they were MUSLIMS! So the police are to blame for any racial tensions as well as the Muslim paedophiles because of their in-action and refusal to arrest them out of cowardice.
We are raising awareness to get justice for these kids, and so that other kids and parents are aware of the activities of these scumbags and the dangers that they pose!
But no matter how good the deed we do is, the press will always manage to put a negative slant on it, or they won’t report it. It is in the rules of the National Union Of Journalists (NUJ), an organisation that all mainstream journalists must be in. They have built a website out-lining how their members must report on the BNP. Take a look:
So, If a man seen a vicious dog mauling a toddler, intervened, beating off the savage animal and saved the child’s life, then the reporter would write an article: “LOCAL HERO SAVES TODDLER FROM DEVIL DOG”
But if the reporter found out that the hero happened to be a BNP member, then he would change the article and the headline would read:”Racist BNP Man Violently Bludgeons Family Pet To Death.”
So it would seem that we cannot win. BUT WE DID WIN! The newspaper and TV reported that a gang of Muslim men appeared in court for raping children, the people of Bolton will now be on their guard, thus preventing more children from suffering the same plight and that, was our victory.