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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Government MoD Response to ‘Bring Our Boys Home’ Petition

MoD Response to ‘Bring Our Boys Home’ Petition which contained well over a thousand signatures from Bolton and Horwich residents

The British National Party’s Veterans Officer, Pete Molloy, has received an official response from the Operations Directorate at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in regard to the party’s ‘Bring Our Boys Home’ petition, which was handed in to 10 Downing Street on the 17th March 2011.
The MoD declared that withdrawal from Afghanistan is “not an option” at the present time, claiming that a vacuum would be created that would allow terrorists to return to the country and use it as a base.
The third paragraph of the letter stipulates that “the Prime Minister has said that he wants all our soldiers involved in combat operations to have returned home by 2015, a deadline to which he has committed and which will be met”.
“We will have to wait and see in 2015 if our troops are brought home, since there will be a general election that year,” said Mr Molloy. “Plus, we will see if our troops will be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire of Libya, Iran or North Korea!”
Of particular note is a sentence in the final paragraph, which reads, “In the interim we should remember the role of the Armed Forces in defending our national security, and the ultimate price which some have paid in doing so.”
With regard to that particular sentence, Mr Molloy said, “Our national security was not at risk from the Taliban or other Islamic terrorists until our previous Labour government started to interfere in foreign affairs, which were of no concern to the British people.
“The risk to the British people has been exacerbated with our coalition government’s continued support for Labour’s foreign policy in Afghanistan.”
Britain invaded Afghanistan in 2001, and, as a result of our government’s racist meddling foreign policy in the country, 371 of our brave service personnel have been killed.
The latest fatalities were on Sunday 5th June 2011, when Rifleman Martin Jon Lamb from the 1st Battalion, The Rifles, was killed by an improvised explosive device, and Lance Corporal Martin Joseph Gill of 42 Commando Royal Marines was shot whilst on patrol.
The British National Party is against our troops being abused by our government and its own political agenda in other countries. But we as a party will always support our brave troops even when we disagree with the missions on which they are sent.
More details of British Casualties in the unjust war in Afghanistan can be found here:

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