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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Freedom is Slavery :The reversal of Left and Right in Politics

Freedom is Slavery

Gates of Vienna
By Nicolai Sennels

Below is a brief essay by Nicolai Sennels on the strange metamorphosis of the Left over the past fifty years from the champions of the oppressed into the oppressors themselves.
The reversal of Left and Right
by Nicolai Sennels
In the good old hippie days, the socialists on the Left were the good guys. They risked their jobs and reputations demonstrating for the equality of women, sexual freedom, and freedom of speech to criticise the system and the authorities.
It was the time when the Left said that "Religion is the opium of the people” and freedom-loving youth made fun of the religious authorities and their dogmas.
But something happened. The Left — which defines itself as the protector of the weak — decided that a repressive religion and its often fanatic and incompetent followers were a threatened minority, whose destructive actions were a result of poverty and a reaction to others’ criticism, all caused by capitalism and racism.
Most people were cowards and feared being called racists, and this made it easy for the Left’s agenda to find its way into politics and the media.
The Left’s struggle for "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” has faded. Today, such archetypal human values of liberty (free speech), equality (of women) and fraternity (social cohesion) are defended by the Right.
Many people grew up as Leftists or hippies, but are now categorized as Rightists — or even extreme or radical Rightists — because they criticise the oppression of females and religious fanaticism, and support Western culture. But those people did not change. Politics changed. On protecting and promoting basic humanitarian values and human rights, the Right is now the cutting edge.
Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and the author of "Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s experiences with the Copenhagen Municipality”.