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Friday, 10 June 2011


Please read and use the Link below to take you to the Britain First Website and please sign the petition, enough is enough ! how much longer do we have to openly have our children and daughters preyed upon by these Monsters! whilst our PC riddled MP's do nothing to protect those, they should be protecting!


In towns and cities all over Britain, there is a hidden, censored problem of paedophile gangs targeting the underage girls of non-Muslim communities for sexual exploitation.
The Sikh, black and local English communities have all spoken out about this pernicious but largely ignored problem.
Muslim grooming is a growing problem across the country.
As of yet, the police and media have been extremely reluctant to publicise the problem or take action to stamp it out for fear of being labelled ‘racist’. The innocence of children is being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. The grooming of children for sexual exploitation is always wrong no matter what community the abusers belong to and justice must be blind to colour or creed.
Whilst our leaders are reluctant to take action, hundreds of young underage girls face the predatory attention of well-organised grooming gangs.
Our plan is to collect the signatures of 10,000 people on a “Take Action Against Muslim Grooming – NOW!” petition and deliver it to the Muslim Council of Britain and to Justice Minister Ken Clarke.
A call for action on this scale will be hard to conceal. Sign the petition above to make sure that the establishment knows how much we care about our young girls who are being targeted by these Islamic paedophile gangs.
Britain First activists will be organising a series of direct action and online campaigning operations against politicians, media outlets and grooming hotspots to help raise awareness of this important issue.
please use this Link  muslim-grooming-scandal-petition/