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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Look Bolton : Britons at the Back of the Line Again – 9 Out of 10 Jobs Go to Immigrants in UK

Britons at the Back of the Line Again – 9 Out of 10 Jobs Go to Immigrants

The supposedly anti-immigration ConDem regime has been embarrassed yet again, with the news that nearly nine in ten jobs created under their administration last year went to immigrants.
Since they came to power, 87 per cent of 400,000 newly created jobs have gone to foreigners, with native Britons once again overlooked in their own country.
Incredibly, the percentage is even higher than that of Labour, under whose rule 80 per cent of posts were taken by immigrants.
The figures were revealed by former Labour minister Frank Field, who is acting as a ‘poverty czar’ for the foundering Coalition.
Speaking of the findings, Mr Field said: ‘It is the great paradox of welfare.
‘When Tony Blair won the 1997 election, the total number of benefit claimants of working age stood at 5.7 million. When Gordon Brown went to the country in 2010, the level was the same – even though more than three million jobs had been created under Labour.
‘The problem was that, of those new jobs, 80 per cent went to immigrant workers. And now, the same disturbing pattern is more marked.’
He added: ‘I fear that, at the next election, we will still be having the same debate on welfare reform as we had at the last four.’
The cost of unemployment in Britain was estimated at £61 billion in 2007, and since then the jobless rate has risen to a seventeen-year high of eight per cent.
Recently, it was revealed that despite transparently positioning themselves as an anti-immigration party just before May’s elections, the Conservatives have presided over record levels of immigration into Britain, with nearly 600,000 people arriving in the UK in the twelve months up to September 2010.
Only the British National Party calls for an end to the mass invasion of our country and says, ‘British Jobs for British Workers!’
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