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Saturday, 25 June 2011

British Referendum Out of the EU Now Campaign

Referendum Now Campaign.
Dear Friend and Fellow Patriot,

I hope that you like the Referendum NOW leaflet that we've thumb nailed in this email. You may download a leaflet or petition form from this link - .

As you'll see, though, it's not a British National Party one. It's actually one of half a million paid for by the European Parliament!

So why have I sent it to you? Because I wrote it and although the EU is paying for it, it's one of the best pieces of anti-EU, pro-British freedom publicity material ever! How's that for a rebate for the long-suffering patriotic taxpayer?

Better still, my EU Communications Allowance is also paying for 50,000 Referendum NOW petition sheets AND for 100 superb table top banners for the stalls that our activists will put them on as we take our message of hope to the streets and people of our Great but Endangered country.

Because this campaign is funded because of my EU seat, we have had to jump through various bureaucratic hoops to get everything approved. That's why the leaflet has the odd bit about me being 'Non-Attached.' It doesn't mean that Jackie's kicked me out in order to get back to a normal life, just that - fortunately - I'm not part of one of the old party blocks that dominate the EU Parliament.

You know, this really is the great issue of our times. Getting out of Europe is the very first thing we have to do, because until we do Britain has no control over our borders, economy or legal system.

The current state of affairs isn't what generations of our bravest and best fought and died in the blood-soaked mud of the Somme or amidst the hail of bullets at Pegasus Bridge and Arnhem.

Only when we break free from the latest manifestation of European totalitarianism will we regain control of our own destiny and keep faith with those who sleep in far corners of so many foreign fields.

With half a million free leaflets ready to go out, this is going to be the biggest ever co-ordinated campaign (outside of election times) in the history of our British National Party. I hope very much that you will get in touch with your local organiser and volunteer to get involved. You don't have to be a member of the British National Party to get involved in the campaign to get out of Europe, however by joining us you are sending a clear message to our European dictators abroad.

Join Now

If you are in an area still not covered by an active branch, you can get your own supply of leaflets and petition forms simply by phoning Clive Jefferson on 0844 809 451. Clive is a member of my Euro staff and will be delighted to help you join my campaign.
Yours Sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

PS Please forward the email addresses of 3 like-minded friends to so that they too can receive our updates.