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Friday, 24 June 2011

Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of our British Nation?

Can the British National Party’s Immigration Policy Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of our Nation?

The news that 25 percent of all primary school pupils and 22 percent of all high school pupils in Britain today are from ethnic “minorities” means that indigenous white British people will be replaced as the majority population within two generations from now.
Can the British National Party’s current immigration policy stop this process?
Official figures released by the Department for Education show the ethnic “minority” school population has increased from 21.9 percent in 2007 to 25 percent in 2010: a three percent increase in just three years.
At this rate of exponential growth, white indigenous children are set to become the minority in schools within the next 15 years. After that, the adult population will reflect the school-age population after one generation.
Contrary to leftist propaganda, mass Third World immigration has not brought “prosperity” and a revived economy. The Department of Education figures show that, in parallel to the increasing ethnic population, the number of pupils are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) – a measure of poverty – is increasing as well.
According to the official figures, 15.9 percent of pupils in state secondary schools (nearly half a million individuals) are are eligible and claiming the dinners. This figure has risen for the third year in a row, meaning an extra 37,000 pupils are now on free meals than in 2008.
The numbers of FSM pupils in primary schools has also risen, with almost one in five (19.2 per cent), or 743,255 youngsters, now taking up the dinners. This is 106,000 more than three years ago.
In other words, mass Third World immigration is actually harming the economy. Those familiar with the effects of race and demographic displacement on First World society will immediately recognise the issues at stake here: namely that the replacement of the First World white British people with an imported Third World population is only going to turn Britain into a Third World nation—and nothing else.
The British National Party stands as the only party to recognise the inherent threat to our nation’s future existence which this immigration invasion poses.
The party’s current immigration policy is to deport all those illegally present, accept those who are here legally and encourage voluntary repatriation of the latter community. This is, of course, a fair policy.
But is it enough to prevent the British people from being overrun and exterminated through a steady process of ethnic cleansing by out-breeding? The answer is, whether the party likes it or not, no.
The numbers of already present ethnic “minorities” in Britain make it a matter of demographic certainty that, left undisturbed, they will outnumber the British people well before the year 2060.
In this light, some hard decisions face any future nationalist government. They can only be guided by the standards set for all other Second and Third World nations on earth, and act accordingly.
This means that a nationalist government will have to adopt the policies of numerous Second and Third World governments, all of whom have taken active steps to preserve the indigenous nature of their populations. It has simply been a matter of survival, and there is no reason why the indigenous people of Britain do not have the right to claim those self same rights to survival as any other people on earth.
The alternative is extinction. And this is not what the British National Party is all about.