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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Horwich and Bolton Muslim Grooming: Protect Our Girls Petition

Britain First
By Horwich Nationalists
 Dear Residents of Horwich and Bolton with another trial of several Muslim beginning in Bolton today, the time for complacency has come to and end , it is now time for you to stand up and protect our children from this Evil practice of the Muslims in our midst, you must take action , and a good start would be by emailing your MP using the link below, on the article from the Britain first website.  or alternatively become more active in the political arena of Horwich and Bolton by joining the British National Party.  As the actions of the traitors in the old three parties has shown that they have no intentions of protecting our people from the predatory perverted colonisers of our Nation, in our opinion they seem to be encouraging it! especialy the Labour party a party that seems to be absoloutly riddled with perverts (see evidence ) .

From Britian First Website
Fellow patriot,
The response to our "Muslim Grooming: Protect Our Girls!" 
campaign has been very encouraging.
We asked concerned people to sign our petition - 
so far nearly 1,000 people have.
We asked supporters to get behind a new leafleting 
campaign (pictured right) - so far hundreds of pounds 
have been raised to print the leaflets (I am confident 
if we pull together we will hit our target), and thousands
have already been downloaded.
If you can spare £10 towards our new leafleting campaign 
please click the link below:

At this stage in the campaign, it is time to diversify 
our activities. Now is the time to start applying real
pressure to our elected representatives.
The Britain First campaigns team has produced a 
unique feature on our website that allows our 
supporters to simply input their postcode and name, 
click a button, and a special popup window appears 
that will deliver your message directly to your local MP.
We have also produced a template letter that will make
the whole process very quick and easy for you.
All those who genuinely care about the young English girls 
that are being targeted by Muslim paedophile gangs 
should spare a few minutes to send a polite but 
hard-hitting message to their MP. Your local MP is duty
bound to respond to your message.
We have set a target of 2,000 messages to Members of Parliament.
Will you help us reach that target? It will only take up 2 minutes of your time,
but you will have taken personal action against 
the scourge of Muslim grooming.
We want to send our "Muslim Grooming: Protect Our Girls!" 
campaign into overdrive and FAST in order to protect our 
young girls. Please spare 2 minutes to send a polite message 
to your local MP. Simply click the link below to visit our special
"email your MP" page: