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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Civil War on the British Island Homeland

War on the British Homeland

War on the British Homeland

When you look at what is happening in Britain, you will certaintly understand what will happen when the bombers will not be Muslim Extremists. From June 30 this country will see spreading strikes that at one point will paralize the country and will spread into riots leading to a civil war.
People need to eat and they need a roof over their heads. The empty promises of the so called maintream political parties do not wash. We are not talking about luxury cars or expensive vacations. We are talking about the basic needs of any human being. When the rulers do not represent the Electorate, the Electorate has the right to take up arms and get rid of the rulers.
We are seeing it all across the Middle East and Northern Africa and sooner than later it will happen in Britain. Corruption and Nepotism must be confronted with a bullet because the political system is so corrupt that it cannot provide the answers.
The General Population no longer believes in the so called Democratic System. In Glasgow Northeast, only 33% of those entitled to vote actually voted. In Barnsley, only 36.5 % actually voted. There are Members of Parliament being elected with less than 20% of the vote. This speaks loudly about how inadequate the so called Democratic System is in Britain.
The present government talks about limiting the right to protest and follows the path set up by the previous government when it banned protests. I call this the ‘pressure cooker effect’. Bottling up anger and resentment is the not the pathway to peaceful coexistence.
We in the British National Party know a lot about repression and have chosen the ballot instead of the bullet. Other nationalist groups who don’t care about ballots are getting ready to use bullets. They believe that the political system needs to be purged and that the financial and business systems need to be purged.
The motto of the Conservative Party says ‘we are all in this together’. Are we? A rising number of people don’t believe it. When the Lion awakes, the heads of the Establishment will fall quicker than the head of Charles I.
The ‘chopping heads’ phenomenon, like it happened also in France, could for many be the right answer and the only answer.

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