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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Great Wigan Blog :Ed Miliband MP - Red Ed’s Next Election Campaign

I had got to bring this great blog from Wigan just down the road to your attention superb , here is a sample , find them at Town of Shame

Ed Miliband MP - Red Ed’s  Next Election Campaign

We have recieved secret plans  from a inner circle mole outlining the proposed next election campaign for the Labour Party written on the back of a large brown envelope along with  ”WLP (We work for you)” in black felt tip confirming it’s authenticity.
Wallace Ed Miliband - Red Ed Labour Party Leader - Multiculture The Way Forward
Wallace Ed Miliband - Red Ed Labour Party Leader - Multiculture The Way Forward
It is being proposed by the influential activists in the party with the full support of Red Ed Miliband that the thrust of the next Election campaign should be centered around Multiculturalism and how it is the way forward for these islands of Britain. celebrating our diversity as now instead of being  four protestant countries with the same culture we are now into double figures each with its individual culture and religion.
It will start with a poster campaign outlining exactly what multiculturalism has done and will continue to do for this country. It will attempt to explain to the majority of people in this country who are against multiculturalism that the reason they are against it is because they don’t understand it and not because it has destroyed over a 1000 yrs of christian civilisation. If that fails they will just have to put up and shut up.
I tried to explain to a 5yr year old how multiculturalism unites us but by definition divides a nation/country/society. He looked at me really puzzled and said “that’s rubbish”
…………………………………..  even a 5yr old knows that for a fact