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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


by The Horwich Nationalist

Another shocking statement by one our parliamentary Minsters, International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell MP, State,
‘My ambition is that over the next four years people will come to think across our country – in all parts of it – of Britain’s fantastic development work around the poorest parts of the world with the same pride and satisfaction that they see in some of our great institutions like the Armed Forces and the monarchy.
‘This is brilliant work that Britain is doing.’
Now to the Horwich and Bolton Nationalists this shows how much the political elites have become detached from the reality of the life of the ordinary white working class of this country and with the following statement by Harriet Harman of the Labour Party 
That " Immigrants should get more tax breaks so they can send more money home". I just staggers belief that either of those two retched creatures could even utter such statements. 
When they indigenous population has had it,s basic rights of a decent wage and working conditions systematically stripped from it by an overwhelming influx of cheap wage third world immigrants and an eye watering punishing Tax system. And to make matters worse the now Marxist riddled so called Trade unions originally set up by the White working class in the late 19th cent, to defend such rights   have openly supported all of the above.
You only have to look at our poor brave soldiers due to MOD cutbacks to realise that all they will have in equipment to go into to battle shortly will be the ability to use harsh language, (as long as it not racist other wise their opponents will get the ability of compensation from the EHCR). as many front line troops now have to purchase their own adequate body Armour from army surplus, as either none is available or what is is as effective as tissue paper on a rainy day. 
And on the Home front of Horwich and Bolton just look at our streets and services , overstretched by the mass of bogus asylum seekers and immigrants , BILLIONS of pounds wasted on the equalities and immigration industry. It beggars belief in my 50 years I have seen this once peaceful proud Nation  become more and more degraded by the evil traitors whom have wormed their way into our public offices, leaving me more and more with a sense of fear for my nation my people , my family, and myself ,