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Monday, 13 June 2011

Islamic Grooming :Declare Yourselves Are You With Us Or Not

By the Horwich Nationalists  

 Although on different sides of the political spectrum, I am sure that their must be some aspect of decency no matter how minuscule left within the Socialist movement somewhere in this country. 
So In order to try to find out I have emailed the Bolton Socialist Club   , which also the headquarters of the Bolton Hope not Hate Group   in order to find out if the would like to offer an assurance that they would campaign on the issue of Islamic Grooming of young female British Children, and also the hatred of Islam towards homosexuals. We feel that it is of great interest to not only all Bolton but the British in general were this Groups stand on the issue!  and I recommend that you contact said groups in your area to ask the same questions. 
Email to the Bolton Socialist Club
 Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like very much to know if you are planning any Hope not Hate campaigns, that support a campaign against radical Islamist sex groomers and Homophobes, in the Bolton area. Who now seem to be targeting the children mainly daughters of the British working class residents of Bolton! And also the seemingly message of hatred that seems to be spread concerning people who suffer from Homo sexual desires.
The reason I ask is that your address is given as the headquarters of Hope not Hate Bolton, 16 Wood St Bolton.
And I would be very much interested in your views on such a campaign, as I am sure that this problem that now seems to be highlighted in the media deserves some response from the Bolton Socialists Society and the Hope not Hate Campaign group, a society that I assume was set up to protect and promote the interests of the working classes of Bolton.
I look forward to your responce with anticipation.