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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

British National party Central Office Report and The World at 8 on Radio RWB Today

Central Office Report and The World at 8 on Radio RWB Today

By James North –
Today on Radio Red, White and Blue, Jennifer Matthys reports from the Cumbrian office with a special Central Office Report. On this first of a series of broadcasts, Jennifer interviews Clive Jefferson.
Clive talks about the vast improvements made to central office, including the measures taken to save money. For example, by folding the Voice of Freedom newspaper by hand so it fits in a smaller envelope instead of using the automated stuffing machine.
Clive then goes on to talk at length on the process of how Voice of Freedom arrives at the office and the procedure to get them sent out.
You can hear this insightful report into the workings of the party's central operation right now, exclusively on Radio Red, White and Blue.

Then tonight at 8 p.m., we present 'The World at 8'.
On tonight's show:
A gang of Asian men went on trial yesterday accused of a sickening catalogue of child prostitution offences against vulnerable teenage white girls as young as 13. Out of the nine – six are married, and one is a grandfather – together they face 55 charges, including inciting child prostitution, grooming and rape between 2007 and 2009.
Britain's £280million annual aid programme to India should be scrapped within four years, MPs will say today. The MPs appear to be mimicking British National Party foreign policy, following a report by the international development committee. However, the report still gives qualified support to the Department for International Development’s decision to continue the current level of aid until 2015.
Military cuts mean Britain would struggle to defend the Falkland Islands from another Argentine attack. "As things currently stand, we'd have serious trouble defending anything much further than the other side of the English Channel," Admiral Sandy Woodward said today.
In European news, the EU Police Agency ‘Europol’ said yesterday that allowing Bulgaria and Romania to join the border-free Schengen zone is likely to lead to increased targeting of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast by illegal immigrants.
In world news, Israel's long-established energy agreement with Egypt could be about to go up in flames. The original deal for gas supplies from Egypt was set up by President Mubarak, but now a post-revolution Cairo is demanding that the terms be renegotiated.
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