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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Join us in Bolton and Horwich and spread the word with our new national leaflet

Join us and spread the word with our new national leaflet

The British National Party is going to print with a nationwide run of our new recruitment leaflet – and we need you to help spread the word.
Our We Want Our Country Back leaflet has already returned an excellent response during its trial run of 100,000, and now it is vital we spread its message of hope as far and wide as possible.
With this recruitment campaign, we can capitalize on the ‘soft’ support we received up and down the UK in this year’s elections.
We need to let everyone know there is a real alternative to the anti-British LibLabCon monopoly – and we need to do it now.
The hard-hitting leaflet explains where we stand on pensions, British Jobs for British Workers, family values, immigration and defence, among other issues.
It also calls for an English parliament, withdrawal from the EU, and a ban on ritually slaughtered meat.
All British National Party groups and branches are invited to contact dispatch manager Alwyn Deacon at or on 0844 809 4582 to place their orders so we can adjust our print run accordingly.
The price of the full-colour A4 leaflet is £30 per 1,000, including postage and packing.
Individual supporters are also encouraged to order leaflets for distribution.

Prices are:
50 leaflets: £2 (including P&P)
100 leaflets: £3.50 (including P&P)
250 leaflets: £8 (including P&P)
500 leaflets: £16 (including P&P)
1,000 leaflets: £30 (including P&P)
2,000 leaflets: £48 (including P&P)

Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish versions of the leaflet are also available, but due to the economy of scale in printing, the price will be on application depending on the amount ordered.
This simple, attractive leaflet is a fantastic recruiting tool for our party – but only if enough patriotic Britons like you help us get it to as many of our countrymen as possible.
Please help do your bit for Britain, while we still have a country left to save.
You can also download the leaflet by clicking here. Print them off on your own printer at home or at work, and give them to friends and family. Also email the leaflet to everyone in your address book.
Those British National Party activists with a RISO printer, please print a master copy from the PDF and use that to print your own black-and-white versions of this leaflet.

P.S.  Another great way to help the British National Party is to set up a standing order mandate and give the price of a pint regularly. Please download the standing order mandate here: print it of, fill it in and post it to British Heritage, PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 7AL.

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