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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

East Yorkshire British national Party Branch Raises Funds for Brave Local Boy

East Yorkshire Branch Raises Funds for Brave Local Boy

Hull and East Yorkshire British National Party are pleased to announce the raising of £500 towards a special trike and wheelchair for local boy Jack Christmas.
Dawn and Jack ChristmasDawn and Jack Christmas
Two-year-old Jack suffers from global developmental delay, motor development disorder and brain atrophy. He cannot walk or speak, but he knows how to melt you with his smile.
Jack’s parents, Dawn and Tony, are organising a series of fundraising events in Hull to try and raise more than £4,000 for a special trike and wheelchair, which will mean they can take Jack on the beach for the first time.
"When we heard of the attempt to raise over £4,000 for Jack, we felt as a group we must help out," said Hull organiser Jason Carr.
Hull fundholder Fess Traynor said, "The local council seem more concerned for the welfare of asylum seekers, immigrants or anyone with drug issues. We feel it's disgusting that this hardworking family get no help whatsoever. We are able to help, so we feel we must."
The Christmas family, of the Greatfield estate in Hull, said, "We are having to raise money ourselves and are organising numerous events in East Hull. We were over the moon when the local British National Party organisers approached us to help. We didn't think politicians cared about people like us. Only the British National Party have offered help, and we were so happy when they raised over £500 at their last meeting for us."
Despite Jack’s conditions, Mrs Christmas, who works as a teacher, said Jack is such a happy little boy.
"Jack is so laidback. He is so happy all the time; he doesn't speak but his way of saying hello is to clap. We need this specialised trike so we can do things as a family. The trike would also benefit his health.
“We are so grateful to Hull British National Party for all their help and support in this. You hear of all the bad press, but it’s wonderful when you find out the British National Party are there for you and are so helpful."
For details of making donations to this wonderful charity, please contact the Hull and East Yorkshire branch on 07944 635466 or 07854 378700.

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