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Friday, 17 June 2011

The police tried to imprison Nick Griffin MEP, but we were right all along on Muslim Grooming

The BBC mocked us, the police tried to imprison Nick, but we were right all along

By Jennifer Matthys –
This video was filmed in 2004 by the BBC. Consequently, Nick Griffin was arrested and faced the prospect of prison. Had the police and the media taken note of what Nick was saying then, rather than rushing headlong into trying to jail him, they could have put their efforts into stamping out grooming all those years ago.
It is frightening to think about how many thousands of children they could have saved from these Muslim paedophiles had they had the guts to acknowledge this problem then.
Speaking today in response to the front page of the Times newspaper, Nick Griffin said:
“Now that the Establishment have finally taken limited action, it’s the right time for us to push for more. We now demand that street grooming is made a crime, for local education authorities to bring warning lessons for all eleven-year-olds, and for a nationwide round up of gangs, because it’s happening in many more, currently unreported, places.”
How many more families have to suffer? How many more innocent lives have to be wasted before the establishment decide to take further action? We demand action, and we demand it now, before thousands more innocents are raped, abused or killed as the establishment look the other way. Our girls are not halal meat.

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