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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Horwich and Blackrod two Towns Forum Report 14.6.2011 St Georges Day Proposal

By The Horwich Nationalist

Last Night at The St Johns Methodist Church Victoria Rd Horwich a meeting of the Horwich and Blackrod town forum was held , the forum is an event were members of the public are alleged to have an opportunity to put forward ideas and suggestions over what is and should be taking place in the the local area to Councillors and local officials. 
Of course the area of concern by locals was the continuing saga of the recycling plant on what used to be the Locomotive works and the Montcliffe quarry.  Of course their was a lot of the usual huffing and puffing on these two issues , with nothing really decided on, and no valuable input from any of the Local Marxist councilors. Although one gentleman warned that those campaigning for the closure of the Montcliffe quarry should be "careful for what they wish for". As he warned that they would be left with "the biggest potential landfill site in England".
Also their was a brief talk by the new community police inspector , as the previous  Inspector Razaq has been charged with suspicion of perverting the course of justice, ( no surprise their). 
Also their was a brief speech by an middle aged lady from the NHS who appeared to our HN rep to not have any idea what she was speaking about or being able to make any decision what so ever about anything , although she did have a nice career woman type shawl around her neck, we think that is part of the uniform for token middle aged career ladies, we are led to believe, and that it comes more Arabic the higher up the ladder they go within the Local Authority.
But for our HN rep the highlight of the otherwise dull night was the proposal put forward by a resident of Horwich. That was that.
As their is a campaign for St Georges Day on April the 23rd to be made into a bank holiday, would it not be a great idea to show support for the campaign that the Horwich Carnival or Cycle race to be combined with a St Georges day celebration either on or to the closest weekend to celebrate of the Heritage and culture of England. As last year on St Georges day the Prize winning Horwich Morris men were forced to celebrate St Georges day by dancing in the back streets of Horwich, something the proposer thought was a shameful spectacle. Something we at HN totally agree with to see such a thing happen to the heritage of the English people of Horwich!

It was also pointed out by a Liberal Councillor that the costs of staging a local event would be very expensive, although it was pointed out by a local resident that the combination of all three events would save on the annual costs to the Borough, and would also be good for local businesses and culture. As do not forget that it would be also Shakespeares birthday and their could be also an artistic celebration included to the great bard of Avon. 

We at the Horwich Nationalists would very much support the above proposal as it would be not only a boost to the moral of Local people to see that their way of life, culture and traditions  are celebrated and supported by the local authorities, after so much money has been wasted on the failed multicultural experiments and social engineering of the last 20 years. 
And not only that it would and could be a massive boost to the Local economy by attraction tourists to our town to celebrate along side us our Nations Heritage, but also the glorious and beautiful countryside around us in Horwich and Blackrod.
We Hope very much that concrete action is taken, and that the wheels are set in motion in support for this suggestion by the local residents of Horwich, and that it will not become a victim to a failed dogma!