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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The barking Mad Police Inspector Mulla of Lancashire

The barking Mad Mulla of Lancashire PDF Print E-mail
Written by Green Arrow

lancI often wondered where the term Mad Mulla came from, now I know after reading a most vicious attack on the True British People by some jumped up, immigrant moslem Police Inspector named Bilal Mulla.

This insane moslem is behind a racist scheme in Lancashire for people to report on friends, neighbours and children in case they show signs of objecting to the colonisation of their Country.

The filth says that the organisation Channel is not a tool for spying or criminalising people but identifying people with right wing views that are in his opinion akin to child sexual abuse. As a moslem he would certainly know about child abuse.

And what would this unwanted piece of vermin do with these people who object to their young daughters being pimped, their sons being hunted for sport and seeing their cities burn down around them as they flee for the suburbs? Why, he would have them referred to mental health practitioners where they would probably then be certified as insane and locked away. This is what the unwanted creature has to say:

"It is making people understand there may be vulnerable people who are targeted by those with radical views who had a different agenda.

“It is not about criminalising people, it is early intervention before radicalisation.

“Think about what happened in Norway. Do we really want that sort of thing to happen in Lancashire?”

Insp Mulla said he wanted to encourage people to refer any ‘signposts’ of right-wing or other types of extremism to his team.

“It is not much different to child sexual exploitation.

"It can happen online and people are ‘groomed’ into a certain belief and ideology.

“We are constantly seeking more referrals and we want people to understand what we do and what Channel is for.

"It is about us building trust and confidence and making sure the right messages get out.

“We put interventions in place, not investigations.

"If someone is not suited for the Channel project, we pass them on to other authorities such as Youth Offending, mental health practitioners, probation for example.

"Just because Channel doesn’t take them on, doesn’t mean there are not other interventions available.”

The vile slug even tries to drag the isolated Norway incident into the equation, when anyone with half a brain knows that the cancer of Islam is the most sickest, violent cult on the surface of the Earth.

Look forward to your outspoken comments on this piece of garbage that has washed up on British Soil.

On a slightly ironic finish. This mad mullah is also mentioned in this news story where he tells moslems not to give to beggars outside the many mosques in his area as they are not moslems.

Hat tip to Whylink - for providing the link to story.