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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

“Dem Wacist Poleese Did Come ‘rest Us Cos Dem Always Keepin’ a Brudder Down”

“Dem Wacist Poleese Did Come ‘rest Us Cos Dem Always Keepin’ a Brudder Down”

By Southwest Nationalist.

Well, Tottenham and other parts of London are ablaze, the streets are a war-zone, all because the police shoot dead one man who — by all accounts — appears to be somewhat of a ‘gangsta’ and who had fired a gun at police.

What were the police supposed to do. Ask him politely to desist, withdraw to a safe distance, and immediately apply for some additional sensitivity training so that they could better address the issues which led this young black man to shoot at them?

It seems that way according to the liberal media.

You certainly won’t hear the words “race riot” spoken, but if you take a look at all of the pictures and videos, how many white faces do you see out there looting and attacking police?

And, just read the media reports. It seems that some of the usual ‘news’ outlets want to do their best to present this as a case of justified anger almost, a build up of anger amongst a community which distrusts the police, an almost righteous outpouring of rage at oppression and poor living conditions.

Yet, of course, the police have to play it softly softly. There’ll be photos in all the papers, complete with sympathy for the rioters, and you can guarantee an armful of complaints – complete with publicly funded lawyers – about brutality and heavy handed tactics.

“Yo man me and me bro waz dus robbin’ dat der ‘lectrical shop man err protestin’ man den dem wacist poleese did come ‘rest us cos dem always keepin’ a brudder down”.

The police are in an unenviable situation. You know their political masters are going to say it is their fault, there will be no other outcome because multiculturalism has to prevail. There’s not a problem here, move along folks, all would have been good without those nasty police with guns.

Of course, it’s not a racial issue, it never is unless it is whites to blame. The need for police initiatives such as Operation Trident, to tackle black gun crime, is an inconvenient truth we’ll not refer to.

If you think the same standards apply to all, look at Winston Silcott. Convicted of murdering PC Keith Blakelock during the Broadwater Farm riots of 1987, the conviction was subsequently overturned. Silcott had already served 18 years for another murder. In 2005 he was recruited to run a youth centre — by police — in a bid to reduce youth crime!

You really couldn’t make that up.

Perhaps the Stephen Lawrence accused, already acquitted several times, could be hired to help build bridges between communities and reduce racist crime?

Insane of course, but really it boils down to a very similar line of thinking.

What has been created in Britain is not a harmonious paradise, but rather a series of ghettoes where — at best — an uneasy truce exists between the forces of law and the ‘locals’.

Underneath the surface those tensions are simmering, just waiting for an opportunity to explode. In those communities the “them and us” mentality is very much alive and well, indeed a code to live by.

A compliant media will make sure of a sensitive hearing, a government and establishment obsessed with convincing us all that there isn’t a problem will downplay it all, make future concessions, and ensure that police take a softly softly approach and sometimes turn a blind eye for fear of arousing the wrath of the community.

Should that wrath boil over, we’ll see the excuses machine spin into overdrive, a wealth of concessions handed over, and of course a convenient scapegoat hung out to dry. It’s always the same.

Worse still, our authorities have shown that they are powerless, that riots will achieve some kind of concessions and sympathy, it’s a winning strategy.

A few may get arrested, but it works overall, at least if your face happens to fit in the right IC2-6 category. If you’re IC 1 then forget it.

We have ended with ghettos and war-zones, it was all so predictable, but those running the show thought they knew better. Their judgement was clouded by some insane ideal of politically correct harmony and wishful thinking.

The UK has been made into a tinderbox where the law abiding have much to fear, and the fuse has been lit.

They never told us about this when they were singing the praises of colonisation and telling us how enriched we would all be.