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Friday, 19 August 2011

Your Freedom is Disappearing: Want to Talk About it?

Your Freedom is Disappearing: Want to Talk About it?


Freedom_Association THIS IS THE THEME of a recently started campaign by the Freedom Association, a group of cross-party libertarians, started in the 1970s, to defend individual liberty against the encroachments of the expanding State of those days. It was deemed so “reactionary” by the KGB, the Soviet Union’s secret police that it is believed that they were behind the assassination of one of its co-founders.

The Freedom Association is certainly a group that every Christian believer can feel comfortable with, its seven principles of a free society resonating with the deeply-held beliefs of Christian political and gospel thought. These areas are as follows:

individual freedom,

personal and family responsibility,

the rule of law,

limited government,

free market economy,

national parliamentary democracy;

and strong national defences.

In its new campaign the Freedom Association declares that it does not want rule made for this country by unelected bureaucrats (Brussels’-crats?).

It successfully fought the Trade Union closed-shop, which had meant that if you lost your union membership you also lost your job.

They were the first group to oppose the Identity Card scheme of the New Labour Government, and they are currently fighting the European Union’s arrest warrant, which could see British citizens being arrested here for things which are not crimes in Britain!

The Freedom Association also believes that Britain is better off out of the European Union. They regularly hold debates, discussion, dinners and lots of other events and can be contacted at 0845 833 9626 or or

Their campaign leaflet ends on the positive note, which no genuine Christian could argue with:

“Whether you value your liberty, your freedom, or simply enjoy a healthy debate,

JOIN US and take part in our active political and social scene.”

Christians often complain about the state of the country but here is an organisation whereby you can be involved and do something about it.

Remember that all our precious views and values are based on Christianity. It would be a pity if Christians left the preservation and promotion of those views and values entirely to someone else.

© The Rev RMB West