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Sunday, 21 August 2011

When Tolerance Becomes National Suicide

When Tolerance Becomes Suicide

Tolerance. It’s a word we always hear about, we must tolerate this, we must be understanding of that, it’s British to accept differences, even ones that we don’t like, and be tolerant of them.

It’s always a one way street though, it’s us who are urged to be tolerant of others, never them expected to be tolerant of us. We have to tolerate, they have to carry on much as they were, and object vociferously to any lack of tolerance on our part.

A little tolerance for differences can – sometimes – be a good thing, but when does tolerance become surrender?

I have a ghastly relative or two – don’t we all – who are always trying to ‘borrow’ £5 or so here and there, and who manage to promise to pay it back seemingly without shame at the fact that both they, and I, know that they never will and that they have said the same thing a dozen times before.

Still, occasionally – very occasionally though – and even though I don’t like it, it’s tolerable in the interests of harmony. Were they complete strangers, well, different story altogether.

But, if they were asking every day? If instead of £5 it was £50, or £500, or £5,000, that I knew was going into a bottomless pit?

Well, there’s a point when tolerating that becomes suicidal, driving oneself into bankruptcy and debt for the sake of supporting an ungrateful wretch who will always want more and who will never give a damn thing back.

In short, were I to tolerate all this relatives demands, I would surrender my interests and those of my family to his. I would give until there was nothing left, he would take and be enriched at my expense.

I’d be left broken and penniless, he’d have gained much, I’d have lost everything. If I were to allow myself to end up in this situation, well, more fool me.

Yet, isn’t precisely what we are doing as a society?

We encourage tolerance for the sake of tolerance, it doesn’t matter how whatever it is we are supposed to tolerate may harm us, or may be utterly incompatible with the existing tenets of society, we are supposed to tolerate it.

We are indoctrinated that we have to be tolerant – yet we are never told that, at some point, tolerance will become self destructive.

Anything goes among others, we indigenous British are taught that we must abrogate self and identity in the interests of outsiders, that we must give whenever asked.

We must be tolerant no matter what, even if it means national and cultural suicide.

Where do my couple of ghastly relatives come in?

Well, we’re always being told by the acolytes and the priest of the multi-culti, multiracial state that we’re all one big family, all the same, strengthened by our differences.

Like my few family members above, isn’t there a point when we have to accept that tolerance is surrender, that the more we tolerate the more they will take, and that too much tolerance will only destroy ourselves?

Tolerance becomes nothing but self destruction if it is made a virtue in its own right and is not tempered with common sense and with the common good in mind.

It does me no good if my tolerance and choosing to ignore obvious truths lead to the destruction of myself and my family.

Think about it.