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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Somalian Asylum Seekers £8000 a Month Mansion Your Taxes Pay For

Somalian Asylum Seekers £8000 a Month Mansion You Pay For

Meet the Khaliifs, Saeed and Sayida, Somalian asylum seekers - who, thanks to the insanity of a Britain which throws taxpayer money at every asylum seeker and foreign chancer who knocks on the window of the DSS and asks for money, are now living in an £8,000 a month house.

Yes, you're paying for it, did you ever doubt that?

Good old Saeed, 49, is unemployed and has not worked since coming to Britain 3 years ago and claiming asylum. How many kids he and his wife have seems to be unknown, but some sources are suggesting 8.

Yes, yet again you are right, odds are that you are paying for those kids as well.

Take a look at the photos in the Daily Mail story!

How many hard working Brits could afford anything like that? Hell, how many take home £1,000 from a months work, let alone could afford to pay out £8,000 a month in rent?

The council and benefits agencies would laugh you or I out of the office if we turned up, slapped that tenancy agreement on their desk, and asked them to pay for it.

But no, if you're an asylum seeker who has contributed nothing, taken much, and who seems to have little to offer Britain other than the ability to breed quickly, here are the keys to the mansion, tell us if it is not satisfactory and we'll find you better.

Britain, the mug of the world, where the streets really are paved with gold for anyone who can yell the word asylum.

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