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Friday, 5 August 2011

The Daily Mail Melanie Phillips: What she forgot to say about bullying Liberals

Melanie Phillips: What she didn’t say about bullying Liberals PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tim Heydon

melaniephillips_120_x_145Melanie Phillips’s piece in the Daily Mail of 1st August made the highly important point that (entirely predictably) Liberals have seized on the Oslo Massacre to urge a more ‘cautious’ approach when talking about multiculturalism. The Prime Minister of Norway, Thorbjorn Jagland has apparently said that leaders would be ‘playing with fire’ if they ‘continued to use ‘rhetoric’ which could be ‘exploited ‘ by ‘extremists’ such as Breivik, the Oslo fanatic. This, said Phillips, is a ‘an opportunistic attempt to bully into silence those who express .. legititmate democratic concerns ‘ about multiculturalism and Islamic extremism.

What Phillips should have said

Phillips should have pointed out, but didn’t, that Jagland’s softly softly, ignore-the-elephant- in- the-room attitude has been the approach of leftists -liberals and the political classes in general from the beginning of the alien colonisation of Europe which they instigated. It is highly convenient for them to adopt it in the furtherance of their agenda of dispossessing the indigenous peoples. This attitude has been reinforced by the highly willing almost monopolistic left-liberal media such as the BBC in Britain which have vilified anyone who raised these concerns, typically depicting them as hate-filled, ignorant and stupid bigots. ‘Hate speech’ laws have made legitimate expressions of concern if not actually criminal then often so nearly so as to be too dangerous to risk, thus effectively stamping them out. This campaign has been so successful that the size of the immigrant communities in Britain and elsewhere is growing to the point where their takeover of the European homelands seems well nigh inevitable. Left - liberals will have traded a European, essentially Christian Europe for an Asian Islamic one. They apparently think that this eventuality is either of no great importance or is actually to be welcomed - such is their ineffable foolishness, ignorance and lack of loyalty to their own peoples. They also think that it is ‘extremist;’ to point this out.

What Phillips should also have said: The Suppression of Legitimate Concerns produced Breivik

Phillips should also have said, and in this context this is perhaps the most important point about the Oslo massacre, that it is this very suppression of legitimate concerns that breeds people like Breivik. When people can see that there is an ongoing conspiracy of silence in a monopolistic, self-selecting ruling political class about a matter as important as the destruction of a millennia-old civilisation and the dispossession of a people of the ancient homelands of their ancestors, it isn’t remarkable that someone like Breivik should have taken to mass murder. It’s remarkable that it hasn’t happened before.

Boris Johnson and Foolish Denial

According to such as Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph, Breivik‘s actions can all be put down to an unfortunate childhood or his lack of success with women. It seems he was turned down by a woman in favour of someone of Pakistani origin. Johnson’s own success with women seems chiefly to involve the betrayal of his wife / wives and children. A good deal could be made of that in a pop-psychology way. Johnson’s political stance on immigration and the dispossession of the British people (He is in favour of Turkey entering the EU) is no doubt influenced by the fact that he has moslem Turkish ancestry and his current wife is half Indian.

The ‘Madness’ Explanation. The Only Way out for Left- Liberal Atheists

But while Johnson the libertarian portrays Breivik as a pathetic loser, since the latter is highly educated, he is being portrayed as mad / psychotic by left -liberals. This is the only explanation open to those who don’t believe in right or wrong and who do believe that anyone who isn’t in favour of mass immigration, multiracialism and all the rest must be stupid, ignorant or both.

Rest assured; Breivik is only the Beginning.

But Breivik emerged first because he has a very brittle, obsessive personality with a capacity for rage which made him snap first. He exhibits in extreme form the frustrations felt by many, many millions over the future arranged for us by the political class. Like Breivik, these many and increasing milllions feel that they have been excluded from any real say in thLinke future of their country by those in power. Unless these people are included, not excluded from the political process and public debate, as the immigrant population grows, so the tensions they feel will rise to the point that more and more of them will approach that now felt by Breivik.
Even if they are belatedly included, the momentum for the immigrant takeover of Europe is now such that very serious civil disturbances in the future are on the cards.