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Monday, 22 August 2011

Stormclouds over Europe:

Stormclouds over Europe: "Our time of opportunity is coming" – Nick Griffin

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A financial version of the Black Death is spreading like wildfire from Greece, through Italy and Spain, and on to Britain. It will take several years before the full impact of the disaster really hits most ordinary people, but no one will escape.

The political elite have stolen £Billions from current taxpayers and future generations to bail out the banking system. In Britain as well as Europe, they've thrown everything they've got at the crisis. The banksters have grabbed a shed load more bonuses, and good money has disappeared after bad down a bottomless pit of wealth destruction.

It is already obvious that we have not heard the last of the financial plague that the Europhiles used earlier this month as an excuse to push forward with their economic and fiscal unification Project. There's a good chance that their desperate attempt to cover up a deadly currency crisis with a yellow-starred blue sticking plaster will not even survive the summer. Far worse is yet to come.

The problem for the ruling elite is that they have already used up all the ammunition in their locker staving off the deflationary spiral that followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. They've got nothing left to fight the new wave of systemic collapse.

This will in due course come as a huge shock to millions of ordinary people, but our Masters have known all along that their Masters' Quantitative Easing money-printing operation would only buy time for their corrupt and fatally flawed system.

The banksters' old trick of creating credit out of nothing as an interest-bearing debt worked (on average) over the last couple of hundred years only because first coal and then oil provided an ever-increasing supply of growth-promoting cheap energy. One of the first casualties of Peak Oil was apparently unstoppable economic growth.

While the world's supply of cheap and easy energy was growing, the overall economic pattern was of long periods of growth punctuated by short periods of decline. On the downside of Hubbert's Curve, the pattern will inevitably be reversed. In the absence of a new high-density energy source miracle, the periods of decline will become the norm, punctuated by short periods of growth.

Under these new conditions, debt-based fiat money can only lead to chronic instability and wealth destruction. Two hundred years of massive overall growth through cheap energy-based finance capitalism has just come to a screeching, devastating halt. We are in the early stages of the greatest train crash of human economic, social and, in due course, political history.

Even though Joe Public hasn't yet got a clue about this, it is inconceivable that our Masters, and their Masters, didn't see the writing on the wall several years ago at least.

Which is really all one needs to know to understand why, all over Western Europe, there is a frantic campaign of 'internal' factional attacks on, and external efforts to steal the clothes of, radical nationalist parties which stand to gain hugely from the coming collapse in legitimacy of the parties of the old status quo.

This shouldn't surprise anyone. It is a matter of public record, for example, that the multi-billionaire financier George Soros is 'obsessed' by the 'threat' of a nationalist upsurge in Europe.

Up until now, analysts have connected that fact to his backing of 'Orange Revolution' organisations in Eastern Europe which seek to spread 'Western' liberal capitalism to the very borders of Russia.

Why, however, would he pump money into bringing the nations of Eastern Europe into the neo-con sphere of influence but stand idly by and watch as nationalism 'infected' the countries of Western Europe? It would be ludicrous, wouldn't it?

The moment one understands this, he sees the reason for the attempts to break up radical nationalist parties – like the Swedish National Democrats and the British National Party – and to replace them with housetrained safety valve parties.

The moment one understands this, he sees the reason for the attempts to suck slightly more-mainstream nationalist parties into the neo-con orbit. Hostility to the Islamic takeover of Europe should not logically lead to hostility to Islam in its own heartlands. What Muslims do in the Muslim world is no concern of ours, any more than is the fate of the Zionist colonial experiment in Israel.

This is not for one moment to play down the role of personal ambition, individual pride, leadership mistakes and sheer frustration in divisions within radical nationalist parties, including the British National Party.

But it is to point out that when a properly informed account of such events is ever published, then it will recognise the role of moles and agents provocateurs in Cointelpro (Google it if it's not familiar) style operations against us, both by State agencies and by their NGO counterparts as funded by the likes of Soros.

The question of 'who?' is of course open to debate, but 'if' is not a question at all. Of course we, just like our Swedish counterparts, are the victims of a massive campaign of dirty tricks, black propaganda and subversion.

We know for absolute certain that it would be very strange indeed if, at a time when our potential is so much greater, the same kind of operation had not been rolled out again.

How could it not be so, when our enemies know that the stormclouds are gathering and that the prosperity which lulled our people to sleep is at an end?

We shouldn't be surprised at such attacks. We shouldn't be dismayed by the folly of good people taken in by such attacks. But we must be determined to overcome such attacks, for our moment of opportunity is racing towards us like an express train. We need to get on board, because History doesn't stop for anybody. And we won't get a second chance.