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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Norway Parliament Member Condems Multi-Culturaliam

Norwegian Parliament Member Condems Multi-Culturalism

Christian Tybring-Gjedde, member of the Norwegian Parliament, has publicly condemned multiculturalism, or, Muslim pandering. In a dramatically frank speak last May, he declared that Norwegian blonde girls are harassed into dying their hair dark, to avoid persecution. That says it all. He blames, not the Muslims, but the Norwegian Labor Party–the Communist, “liberal” party for their extremism in purposely allowing this cultural genocide of Norway, and denying any opportunity to resist it. In Orwellian terms, Tybring-Gjedde declared himself a “revolutionist.” He will resist the destruction of his own people and his own country.

Dear National Congress,
The Labour Party has turned Oslo into an ethnically divided city.
In the Grorud Valley the indigenous population is moving out and non-Western immigrants are moving in. Norwegians feel ostracized in their own neighborhoods children don’t feel at ease in kindergartens, schools and leisure activities.

No politicians should decide where people should live,
but the reason behind thousands of people deciding to move away is not something we politicians can just ignore.

In the Grorud Valley blonde girls are harassed into dying their hair dark. Children are threatened with beatings if their lunch box contains salami. Boys of immigrant backgrounds threaten to beat Norwegian boys if they are not given extended playing time in football. Bags of sweets handed out at special occasions in kindergartens, are rifled through in search of gelatin. Such bags are marked with pictures of pigs, as a warning.

On Evenings and weekends cars are set on fire, windows smashed in at schools. This is not something Made up by a “mono-cultural” member of parliament like me it is part of everyday life in the multi-cultural Grorud Valley in Oslo.

One of the people who decided to move away is Patrick ├ůserud.
Patrick works in a kindergarten at Grorud, like his wife. Both resourceful people. But they can no longer stand the Labor Party’s demographic experiments. As Patrick told me: An ethnic and cultural self-annihilation is taking place, and worst of all, we are allowing it to happen. British historian Toynbee said “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder” And that is exactly what is happening.

The modern Western civilization based on: science, secularism, democracy, equal worth, equality, pluralism and freedom is gradually giving way to forces representing the opposite. The changes are applauded by the cultural relativists of the political elite, and academia and journalists, recruited from a one-sided radical environment.

We in the FRP (Norwegian Hard Right) have been accused of being extremist. Dear Congress defending our values of liberty without compromise is not extremist. What is extremist, is at all times caving in to special demands which undermine our own culture and the values our country is built on. And it is both radical and extremist to carry out immigration policies which in a matter of decades will make the indigenous population a minority in its own capital.

One of George Orwell’s many quotations says “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.” “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” And dear National Congress: I will continue to be a revolutionary!

This is the same story in many Western countries. I heard it many times at the American Renaissance Conference last February. It was told by people like Filip Dewinter (Belgium), Dan Roodt (South Africa), and Adrian Davies (England). It is the intent of Islam to rule the world. “The womb is our greatest weapon,” said Muammar Gaddafi, that great general of excess and impropriety. And white, oedipal liberals of these Western countries are happy to see it. (American Renaissance has all the latest important news on these culture wars, and the ethnic cleansing planned for western, white countries.)

Muammar Gaddafi, Islamic visionary of denigration.

We all know, it is the American story, too. Everything that is American is under attack by the Communist, “liberal” Democrat traitors in Washington–and also in every local city council in the country. It is a social process–to destroy what exists. The alien, lying black African Communist Muslims traitor in the White House calls it “fundamental transformation.” His campaign slogan was “change.”

And so anyone who opposes the idea of being destroyed is called an extremist, a revolutionary, a radical. Of course, these are just words, but they are words which apply rather to the Communist, liberal Democrats. (Republicans may often follow their directives, in action, but at least most Republicans put up some kind of verbal resistance, meek as it is.)

Avi Lipkin says that massive depopulation of the Middle East is what is planned. Muslims are going to be immigrating to western countries as never before. This is what he said here in OKC, July 27, 2011. In other words, things will get much, much worse. But Lipkin says it’s all part of a globalist movement, and Islam is just one tool in the process of developing a one world government.

Be that as it may, patriots will stand for their own countries, and their own people. I am a member of the Comanche Nation. I am American Indian, but I identify with these struggling white conservative parties the world over. I believe American Indians have the right to preserve who and what we are, or what’s left of us. I merely extend the same right to every other ethnic groups, including all the white groups. I extend the same right to Jewish people. I know this offends many white conservative groups, because they often see Jews as a threat to the different white cultures in the world. I should like to recommend Ilana Mercer‘s work to these objectors, particularly her new book, Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons from Post-Apartheid South Afrika. Mercer calls herself “Hebrew,” since she is not a practicing Jew, though her father is a rabbi.

By the way, Christian Tybring-Gjedde is a member of the Friends of Israel in the Parliament of Norway. And why not? Jewish nationalists certainly cannot object or oppose other peoples who wish to survive. True, the Jewish camp is divided, rather sharply these days. But, I do believe we’re passing the point where survival techniques of the diaspora, such as “tolerance,” are the norm for dominant ethnicities under siege. I’m thinking the majority of Jews these days understand that. Yes, there are a number of “romantics” still active and boisterous here in America, but, that’s because they’re in America. They can still prosper in their oppositions. They will learn, though. And their own conservative Jewish colleagues will teach them.