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Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air to The UK

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Written by Albion

relax_120_x_90What a great thing to be able to express a point of view, any point of view in contemporary Britain without Big Brother and its attendant vigilante thought police threatening reprisal. I almost wrote ‘Great’ Britain except it has ceased to be great for many people.

One of the huge attractions of many blogger sites that abound the Internet but particularly Patriotic and Nationalist sites here in Europe and the USA is the ability to make utterances that normally would place you under arrest.

I have heard it said someone in a pub made a remark that someone further down the bar found offensive, the police were called and the person was charged with one of the many exotic, rich variety of political racial crimes and crimes against government forced diversity.

Here we can comment how we like, within the limits set by the moderator. I have seen comments pass the moderator that if said within earshot of a dusky colonizer would place a Prol on a very serious charge and they would feel the full force of its rigid Orwellian laws. I liken this ability to get past the stifling totalitarian socialist oppressor with the advent of clandestine radio during WW2. Years into the future history will show just how close Europe came to being a dictatorship.

It is the sheer joy of absolute freedom to say what you like without the Ministry of Truth’s political storm-troopers deciding what you can or cannot say. It’s a heady, beautiful sense of exultation that rivals the aroma of spring flowers.

There is little on Gods earth that rivals physical crimes against the person than removing that person’s basic right of freedom of speech and expression just to satisfy an authoritarian Socialists government’s political ideology.

It must gall the New World shapers to be unable to control the Internet; in the early days they did not factor in such a wonderful invention as the Internet. The Marxist/Socialist architects via their governments and media establishments have used lies and threats and though relentless propaganda that has shaped the minds of our people and terrified a nation. Nationalists retaliated using the Internet.

We know in the main our comments will be published unlike the government controlled newspapers where comments will only be published if it agrees with the strict guidelines of the New Order.

The English schoolchild was told to sit a table with other children to work on a class project, after a while she asked the teacher if she could be moved as she could not understand the language of the newly arrived eastern immigrant children. The Marxist programmed teacher screamed and ranted at her she was a racist, the police were called and the school child was taken to the police station. Science fiction? No, Airstrip One, or Great Britain 2010.

These comments I write of on these Internet sites would only be normally exchanged in hushed tones with like minded persons or between family members.

The Ideological Police in their canary yellow costumes cradling their sub-machine guns roam the streets looking for the transgressors. They are everywhere with orders to come with all haste if the government’s political ideology is breached or is suspected of being breached.

Its priority is paramount and takes precedent over any reports of the grooming of under-age English schoolgirls for sex to satisfy the carnal desires of primitive Asian immigrants, a phenomenon which we are also witnessing in Oslo with thousands of rapes being perpetrated by Immigrants, but for the Marxist overlords that is acceptable, it is collateral damage which cannot be avoided to achieve the final outcome.

I would say with certainty many people who contribute to this great site I am sure who would have made a comment or written an article outside of the internet would now be in prison, home detention or had trackers placed on them and made to report to the police twice a day and most importantly attend racial and cultural diversity lectures.

Crossed wires at Sunhill Police Station;

Lady PolicemanSir, Sergeant Cryer said put pink shoes on the bitch if she’s going to search the Mosque

Sergeant CryerSir, I was respecting their culture, I was suggesting putting shoes on the police dog not on Monica