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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Political Nationalism is Desperately Needed in UK

Political Nationalism is Desperately Needed in Britain

Political Nationalism is Desperately Needed in Britain
By Peter Mills.
The political spearhead of the Nationalist cause in Britain is at present undergoing a period of re-adjustment and streamlining in order to be more fully equipped to face the future needs of our country. [Image]Those who understand what I mean are welcome to have a chuckle at my euphemism; those who don’t understand can take it as read. The important thing for our disgraceful political squatters in parliament to understand is that Nationalism is not going away; it never will go away; it is merely undergoing a tactical regrouping, as Montgomery did in the desert campaign of World War 2. And, in our own time, we shall come out fighting – in the political sense, of course. One of the most important things an emerging new and powerful Nationalist unity could accomplish when it comes out of its corner in the political boxing ring, is to take over the long-vacant job of being an actual functioning opposition party to the single-party government system we now have in Britain, where all three major political parties are so completely indistinguishable from each other in general policy that they are very accurately now branded as merely three sub-components of a politically unopposed single Lib-Lab-Con ruling committee. In fact, there has not really been a significant, feisty, properly independent and genuinely opposing opposition party in British politics for something over 30 years. This political imbalance should be put right at the very earliest opportunity, because until it is corrected and the united ruling clique has been discomfited by the resurgence of a proper opposition party powerful enough to challenge their complacent pro-Europe, anti-British cabal, there will continue to be no such thing as genuine Democracy in Britain. Fortunately, we Nationalists will be well prepared as a real and powerful opposition party when the time comes to mount the podium, for a great many of the policies which form the Sacred Bible of the British single-party system have powerful and perfectly legitimate alternative policies that are part of the general Nationalist manifesto, and which also have tremendous appeal to the downtrodden masses of ordinary British people, and which are indisputably better for the wealth, welfare, security, well-being and world-status of Britain, as the opinion polls and daily news stories continually prove beyond any possibility of argument. A genuine opposition party – a Nationalist opposition party – could accomplish a great deal of improvement in our country without actually being a government. This is, by historical remit, the proper purpose of a coordinated political opposition to the government – to prevent the ruling power from freely having its own way, and accomplishing this by representing those voters whom the government does not represent but who are nevertheless still entitled to be represented in Parliament. To start with, it is very necessary to completely outlaw Soviet-style political indoctrination, which has been dishonestly excreted onto us under the sly brand name of “political correctness”. Britain was at one time the home of Free Speech. It is an utterly abhorrent manifestation of the single-party state that there are now certain words and phrases which, if uttered in public, will result in the arrest of the speaker, as was also the case under Stalin, Hitler, Amin and other infamous dictators. This in itself is just one measure of the catastrophic and immoral depths to which British society has been plunged by a single-party government dishonestly masquerading as “freedom of political choice”. Then there is the important matter of re-introducing capital punishment for certain crimes, especially including terrorism and the murder of children, but not restricted to just these. Without any exception whatsoever, every single argument against capital punishment is facile and entirely invalid. Certainly, in the past, innocent people were hanged. All that is necessary to reduce the likelihood of this happening effectively to zero is to have a law which permits capital punishment in all cases where there is specific scientific evidence to prove guilt. The wailing argument that capital punishment will not reduce the number of murders committed is provable feeble rubbish. Show me one single murderer who has ever re-offended after being hanged! And, of course, our entire court and penal system must be redesigned from the top downwards, with the guiding principle of protecting society from criminals and not, as it is today, protecting criminals from society. And as a matter of the very utmost urgency and national necessity, Britain must resign from the European Union. There is absolutely NO good reason for us to be part of that debacle. It is said that the majority of our trade is now conducted with European countries. This excuse completely evades the answering of the proper question – why has a succession of British governments allowed British manufacturing industries to stagnate and shut down to such an extent that our products are not eagerly sought after throughout the whole world as they once were? Our politicians seem to be telling us that Europe is doing us a great favour by condescending to purchase our meagre products with superior European money! A proper government, a Nationalist government, would strive to rebuild British manufacturing until its products dominated the world markets and did not depend upon being almost exclusively sold to one political clique, the EU. We must evolve again to produce quality goods which are so much in demand that every country scrambles to purchase them; at present, we are making the tremendous business mistake of begging European countries to, please, keep on paying good Euros for our poor products. Put in simple terms, this government policy contributes in a big way towards making Britain a slave state of Europe. We do not need to turn our backs on Europe, only on the present highly unsatisfactory European Union and its shadowy and unelected commissars who seem to get paid at piece-work rates for weighing down their slave states with totally unnecessary and frequently ridiculous superfluous legislation. For a proper Nationalist opposition party, there is the wonderful and encouraging possibility of joining the growing league of independent Nationalist movements in other European countries, such as that of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and the Front National in France, and many others. This would not be just another version of the present European Union; this would be a cooperative mutual support group of fellow Nationalists in completely independent and self-ruled countries. Our border and immigration controls need to be made solid and uncompromising. All persons who are illegally in Britain must be rounded up and sent back to their point of origin; if that happens to be in an area of war, famine or political oppression of their rights, tough luck! We did not invite them here – our foolish governments merely put the benefits bait on the table and acted surprised when foreigners realized they could get free money, free houses, free schooling and free entry. If their own countries are unattractive or dangerous to live in, let the natives sort their own problems out; the trouble lies with their home governments, not with Britain. Why should we be forced, at our own expense, to cater for the discontent of other nations? British citizens should, by law, be given first choice for all job vacancies, for all social housing, for all school places. If there are too many newcomers flooding in to the country to make this possible, the answer is to halt and reverse the flood, not to place the British in second-place at the back of the queues. This is just one area of flawed government that a strong Nationalist opposition party could, constitutionally, pressurize Parliament to begin to redress. There are many more Nationalist policies that will repair, revitalize and restore Britain to what it should be – a country where the British have priority, a country which is governed properly by a British government for the British people alone, not a European Soviet Republic. Nationalism is not going away; it is merely regrouping to better face the realities of modern times. A rebranded and attractive Nationalism must surely soon emerge from the boiling-pot and then take to centre stage in the theatre of future British politics. In every possible aspect of government, the final arrival of a genuine opposition party on the scene will electrify British politics as it has long needed to be electrified, like a lion leaping amid a pack of cackling hyenas. We must have hope for the future. We must live for the future. And we must create the future! That is the sacred trust which British Nationalism has an incorruptible responsibility to fulfill. We have a patriotic duty to never abandon Hope! How do we want to be remembered by our children and our children’s children – “They were so busy fighting each other that they never accomplished anything”, or “From their struggles finally emerged the government which saved Britain”? The choice is ours; the choice is now; the choice is inevitable. If Nationalism falls, Britain falls. Forever.